Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Today, I'm wearing an old, chain headband that my Mom gave me, my gold cuffs, my suede Target sandals, and a Forever 21, slouchy tunic top. I originally bought the top last year when we had a Julius Caesar trial in Honors English but it's a nice addition to my closet. It's great for those days when you wake up and just want to throw something on, yet still look put together.

This weekend, I got 3 vintage scarves and I plan on adding some decoration to them so I'll post pictures when I am done! People often ask me how I have so many clothes and how I afford it. Half of my closet is from H&M and Forever 21; surprisingly to others, the most expensive item I own is actually only a purse from BCBGeneration that I bought myself for $85 and the sad thing is I never use it... The other half of my closet is purchased from thrift stores because I really enjoy looking through all the racks and finding that one item that almost feels like it was put there for you :) One of the secrets to staying within a budget is buying the bargain priced items from H&M, Forever 21 etc., or the ones on sale, and then taking them home and altering them the way you want them to be. For example, rather than pay $40+ for an asymmetrical maxi skirt, I took a $10 maxi dress I got from Forever 21, and cut and rehemmed the dress myself, which now doubles both as a dress but also a skirt. I will try to do a post on some of the items in my closet I have altered and maybe that will inspire others to try it out themselves!

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