Friday, October 07, 2011

Finally, today it was sunny again, and it's going to be sunny the rest of next week! :) It's been a great finish to a busy week; I'm so happy that my request to transfer into Physics was approved. It's a huge load of stress of my shoulders, especially with the PSAT next Saturday. I'm wearing an asymmetrical, black lace dress which has a lace bell sleeve as well but it's difficult to tell in this photo. I purchased it for $18 over the summer at a thrift store, and I'm going back to the same place this weekend to look around for Halloween costume ideas. I'll post photos of my day trip and what I ended up buying so check back next week!

Even though my work load has increased significantly with extra curricular activities, the funny thing is they have actually helped me manage my time better: iCal is my best friend now. It's so much more effective than a typical planner that you have to write in because on iCal, you can see an actual timeline and move around events as you see fit, if you didn't get to it on a certain day. I recommend it, especially if you are a high school student!

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  1. Your dress is beautiful! I take the PSAT on Saturday too :( Good luck on yours!


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