Monday, October 31, 2011

Since you all know my favorite actor is RDJ then it's probably obvious my favorite super hero is Iron Man. I saw some guy talk about the arm repulsor thing on youtube and it was so cool, that I nerded out and had to ask my Dad to order one for me online. (Actually I asked him to order the whole set with the mask and arc reactor but I couldn't resist!!). The repulsor lights up when you move your palm up and it makes sounds and actually shoots missles. LOL it makes me feel like a little kid again.

The top is from Target, and the pants are from H&M. It's sad because I got food poisoned today because I ate rancid meat... long story short, meat isn't supposed to taste flat out bitter and by the time I realized something was up, I had already ingested half of the bread pastry because I was so hungry. I thought the bitterness was a weird aftertaste from the juice I had just drank but nope. So now my stomach hurts really badly but I'm so mad about this I'm going to eat candy even if I'll regret it later.

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