Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My hair looks two-toned in this picture because of the sun... I recently re-hennaed my hair, and because my hair is very dark brown in regular lighting, the henna only really shows up in the sun. But in the sun, because it's been henna-ed so many times, it's a nice fiery red/orangey tone. If you're looking for a cheap and gentle alternative for dying your hair red/with red tones, you should try henna! The only downside is it has a bad odor but you get used to it...

I'm wearing a new black, infinity scarf from H&M. I love this scarf! It keeps me so warm in the chilly mornings and it's like a portable neck pillow! The shirt is new as well, it was $13 at Forever 21. The pants are from H&M, and were $14. I also got new shoes as you can see! I got them at Target on sale for $8.

I definitely want to get a tripod soon... I feel bad for annoying my sister so much to come help me take photos hahaha


  1. your hair looks really nice! I love your outfit, pretty top and shoes :)

  2. Aww thank you Joyce! :) The shoes are extremely comfortable. I've been wanting to find versatile shoes without heels and these definitely fit the bill and the color is very unusual too!

  3. I always love your outfits ! I was wondering why you don't have thousands of followers?! Really love your style, you're amazing! xx

  4. Thanks Tanii! You are so kind! I would love to have such a large fan base but I guess the only way to do so is just to keep at it to build it up :P Thank you though, I love getting comments on my blog! It's fun replying to them. I am glad you like my style; I've been trying to get more creative with the way I dress lately :)


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