Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Today I have on a burgundy, flower clip from H&M ($5), a teal tie-dye dress from Forever 21 ($12), a floral skirt also from F21 ($13), and fingerless gloves from Target ($12) which I wear everywhere and I love that I can still text in them! The leather harness is actually a combination of a really long belt that I bought from the Abercrombie outlet for $5, and a regular skinny belft from F21 ($3). I never really knew what to do with the long belt because if I wrapped it around twice, there was too much excess, and if I wrapped it around 3 times, I couldn't breathe! But I'm glad it finally worked out in the end. :) And the boots are Steve Madden.

I've been working on creating a visual journal and once I paste all the pictures I've collected into it, I'll post a few scans so you all can see how it's coming together. I also discovered the handy tilt function on my tripod, so I can tilt the camera downwards or upwards which makes photographing a lot easier.

On another note, I AM SO EXCITED FOR HALLOWEEN and can't wait to show you guys my costume! It has to do with Robert Downey Jr if you want a hint... I love him. I'm still working on putting together the finishing touches but it will be completely done soon!


  1. Your outfit is lovely! Great boots and fingerless gloves :) I also like your idea about the skinny belt problem, the harness looks pretty cool. Can't wait to see your costume.

  2. Great,great,GREAT! I love this outfit really! You look like a fighter (I don't know why)! :)

  3. Thank you Joyce! And to think I almost caved in and shortened it by cutting off the excess. I'm glad I didn't because it worked out for something else in the end :) Yes, I'm excited to take photos for my costume. I'm bummed that Halloween is on a school night, but it's definitely a costume I want people to see!

    And thank you Tanii! This is my new favorite outfit; I just love the way the colors worked with eachother. And haha I thought I was getting a "hunter" vibe from this photo so I guess I wasn't the only one! Too bad I don't have my own set of bow and arrows, that would have been the perfect accessory :D


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