Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Today I tripped TWICE because of these boots! I wanted to leave them half unlaced so I tied the excess around the boot and knotted it. Well the knot decided to come undone as I was crossing the road and the lace caught on the hook of the other boot and I fell to the ground. I was fine but WOW was that embarrassing! The lace snapped in half too! After I walked to the sidewalk to retie my boot, I guess I didn't tie it well enough because within two steps, I fell again! Funny how I've never tripped in regular heels, but always trip in platform sandals and flat boots? I have a nice battle wound on my knee now and I must have landed on my hand weirdly because my left thumb hurts when I type now.

I also look really angry in this photo because well I WAS! I normally get back home at 3:10ish (it's the earliest time I can possible get back home) but today we got back at 3:45 because my sister had an ortho appointment. So you can imagine I'm always scrambling to photograph as soon as I get home before the sun goes down to an angle where a house is completely covering it. Well basically on the way back it seemed that EVERY STOP LIGHT turned red and all the cars were driving ESPECIALLY SLOW. Now imagine me trying to photograph with the 5 minutes left of proper lighting but my camera refuses to focus! I'm running around to all these different places trying to photograph but nothing is working out for me today so I do look extremely frustrated in the photo on the left but you can take my word for it that I was! Oh well, at least these two photos kind of worked out; not what I would have preferred, but I'll take it over nothing.

I'm wearing a studded headband which was actually the empire waist band on a black halter top I thrifted, but was too lazy to alter the top and I just wanted the studded part so I cut it out and tied it into a headband! The top is actually a dress, and I took a small safety pin, and pinned the middle of the bottom hem onto the middle of the top hem. The skirt is from Forever 21 ($15.80). Hopefully, I'll have better luck tomorrow!


  1. These photos look great despite your complications! Props for making the best of a tight situation.

    Of course I love love love your boots, and I really love how you turned that dress into a top.

    great plain & hip

  2. I understand girl! I always rush to get home after school to take photos under good light! Especially since the time has changed, it gets dark EXTRA fast and makes things worse -_- I have empathy for you dear.
    And hopefully your day is better today! XD

  3. i love the skirt, you have really great combined the pieces :)


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