Saturday, November 19, 2011

Hey guys! Yesterday I went to the FIDM fashion show in San Francisco with around 10 other girls from my school's Fashion Club! I went to the LA debut show with the club 2 years ago also but not the one held last year. Today, they were showing the same collection shown at the debut show last year in LA, so I got to see the clothing anyways! I'm hoping to go back to the 2012 debut show, I particularly want to check out FIDM's costume museum... from what I've heard from my friend who went on the trip last year, they had the costumes from Sherlock Holmes on display... I literally wanted to punch myself in the face when I realized I missed out on that.

Even though the place where the show was being held, the Masonic Center, is technically walking distance from the SF school, it involves hiking up I believe about 8 blocks (or at least it felt like that) on a very increasingly, steep hill. I honestly have back problems now from that since I was also carrying a couple bags full of stuff! But we got great seats, in the third row on the right side of the auditorium, and I made sure to pick the aisle seat so I could get a good angle for photographing.

The lighting up front was overwhelmingly bright though so I apologize for the over exposure in these images but I did get some especially stunning shots of certain garments, especially the voluminous gowns!

I love the ombre effect on this gown, and it photographed beautifully!

I could not have asked for a better capture. The time and effort spent into this gown is obvious!

The pants on the left are by far my favorite of the show. Love the ombre once again, and the hippie vibe of the loose, bell bottom pants. 

I would like to find something similar to this long vest on the left! I don't have many minimalistic pieces but I am being more inspired by this clean, simple, yet structured look.

I can't get over how lovely this gown in the middle looks in movement! Also a big fan of the white, "sea sponge" dress on the right!

Hope you enjoyed these pictures! I definitely had fun being able to photograph with a good quality DSLR rather than the dying digital camera I had at the LA show last time! Leave me a comment and tell me which one was your favorite! :)

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  1. it looks so so much fun, beautiful photography <3


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