Friday, November 18, 2011

These are a few of the items that I'm currently stalking:
1. Rainbow Merino Yarn at Etsy
I recently saw a multi-colored knit scarf at Free People that I fell in love with but it was the last one in store and was $60... so I figured I should make my own! I love all the colors in this but will probably wait until Christmas because the shipping from Australia is quite pricey!
2. Starfish Cuff
I fell in love with this after I saw Aimee Song with hers!
3. Interlaced Tights at Romwe
I love the whimsical and doodly feel of this design.
4. Evil Eye Pendant at Etsy
I've never seen anything like this; it's got the perfect balance of scary, unusual, and beautiful.
5. Chain Headdress at Urban Outfitters
This piece has a very gypsy-esque feel to it. I'm always looking for new hair accessories!
6. Floral Backpack at Urban Outfitters
My green Olsenboye army backpack officially broke, I need a replacement but everyone at my school has the same tan, green, grey etc. canvas backpacks now. This print will surely stand out!
7. Jeffrey Campbell Skate Shoe ($198)
I'm swooning over these shoes right now! I could never afford these but I can still admire them from afar!
8. Eye Print Shirt at Motel Rocks
With my obsession over eyes and anything rainbow right now, this shirt is perfect to me!


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