Saturday, November 26, 2011

I picked this shirt up at Forever 21 recently; it's actually a Men's shirt but I loved the colors so much and  it was super soft, so I figured I could wear it as a sleep shirt anyways. But I like that this shirt is oversized because it looks good tucked into a bandage skirt. The red tights are also from Forever 21 and were $5.80; I'm trying to get bright tights in every color and so far I have fuchsia, mustard, and red. I'd love some sea foam or lavender colored ones but I have yet to find any!

This Friday was rather productive for me- no I did not go Black Friday shopping! I did however go to Michaels on Thursday after dinner and got a few things: a 5 pack of large canvases for $12? A desktop easel for $7.50, a few brushes, palette knives, and some acrylic paint. Random fun fact: my favorite color is Quinacridone Magenta! :)

Anyways, I was falling really behind on school work and on Friday I woke up early and worked for 13 hours straight and 1500 words later, I had my research paper completely written out. :) I wrote mine on how fashion is the most powerful form of human expression, so it didn't feel too much like homework. 


  1. you look great! i have never shopped at forever 21, and really want too! must make a trip there when i have some money.

    obviously would rather go to one in california, but sadly the london store will have to do.


  2. wow! really amazing outfit! I really love combination of colors you chosen:) those red tights are great on your perfect legs! ♥ you are so cool:))

    and thanks for your nice comment, dear:)*

  3. Love love love love love love love love love love this Shirt!


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