Tuesday, December 06, 2011

This outfit is inspired by none other than the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland! I just loved his scarf so much and I had found this vintage lamé scarf at a thrift store for only $3! I really adore the way that scarves look when you tie them in bows; definitely going to be wearing them like this more often. The jacket is by Carmen Marc Valvo, also thrifted, for only $7! The print is just gorgeous and also reminds me of a jacket the Hatter might own. The skirt was actually my Mom's. It's made of a brown, faux suede material, and was originally a pencil skirt but I cut it shorter. And then I'm just wearing a plain blue cardigan underneath and some burgundy tights from Forever 21, to stay warm in the mornings. All I need to finish my look is a fun top hat! That would make a fun DIY project ;) I'll mentally add that to the endless list of DIY projects I wish to pursue in the future. Keep your eyes out for a DIY tutorial on a flower headdress soon!

I feel like my hands always look awkward whenever I use my wireless remote.


  1. Jacket, scarf, tights! love it

  2. beautiful as always!

  3. Great outfit! This jacket is amazing! <3

  4. Thank you :] Yeah, the peach blouse is so lovely <3

  5. The jacket is something to die for!The shoes also.You are a very talented mix&matcher!!!!And very beautiful girl.Go for it!Kisses from Greece


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