Friday, December 16, 2011

Semester finals are next week! There's a lot of work to be done in preparation but one of the pros is that we get out at minimum days, so I can have more time to photograph at home; and the weather is also on my side too! It's going to be sunny for the next few days :)

This blouse is from my Mom. The brown, corduroy pants are J Brand and I thrifted them for only $7! (Can you believe that?) The necklace is something I had laying around from Halloween 2 years ago, when I dressed up as a gypsy. Plus having just seen SHERLOCK HOLMES 2 last night (MIDNIGHT showing baby!), I'm especially loving the bohemian vibe. The costumes were great by the way, especially Holmes' coats; I'd wear them all. I'm a die hard RDJ fan and have waited over 450 days to see this movie, and I was not disappointed at all. I cried at some parts... it was just a romantic comedy, action, drama, mystery movie all in one. And while waiting for the movie to start, we went into the arcade and I nearly died when I saw the Iron Man pinball machine!!! What a great day! Even though I only got 3 and a half hours of sleep today, I was still riding the post-movie excitement so I managed to stay awake at school surprisingly.


  1. I've discovered your blog and love your style ! I've loved one of your last outfit ! I've shown it on one of my daily selection.
    Will be happy if you come and comment some of my next daily fashionistas selection !

  2. Ah, nothing but respect for Sherlock Holmes. I love your beautiful photos & great sense of style.

  3. Thank you guys! :)

    @Yth, glad to see someone else who's a fan :) Thank you so much


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