Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Yesterday, I went to the mall with some friends and I got to see Sherlock Holmes 2 again! :D I also got some new clothing and I'm really happy with what I found. The after Christmas sales are so much better than the Black Friday sales in my opinion. H&M in particular, has the best deals right now!

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I had been looking for another heavy duty, winter coat for a while. I ordered this one online but when it came, it was a little too long on me, so I returned it in store, hoping to buy this one instead, but I couldn't find it in store sadly :( I then went to H&M because I knew they were having a huge sale. I wasn't expecting to find a fur coat but I thought there would be no harm in trying. Immediately, my eyes zoned in on this furry thing peeking out amongst the racks. I'm telling you, it was meant to be! Lo and behold, it was a beautiful, faux fur coat, in my size, with only one left, for 50% off too! I could have died right then! :D It was originally $70, and I got it for $35. That purchase alone made me quite happy for the rest of the day!

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My problem with shopping in store at Forever 21 is my eyes have no idea where to go! There's too many things coming at me at one time so instead of actually browsing, my eyes just glaze over everything and I give up, which is why I much prefer to shop online. Regardless, since I was with friends, I decided I might as well start in the front of the store and slowly work my way to the back. I had probably made 3 or 4 rounds in the store until I saw this top. I love the little building, leaf, and bird silhouettes! Plus I've been trying to add more prints, and blouses into my wardrobe.

Buy here for $12.80
This isn't something I'd normally pick up because I tend to buy things with more color, but I figured it would be a versatile and fun piece to mix and match with other prints! It's super soft and I can't wait to wear this with the skirt I got below!

Buy here for $19.90
I wasn't too sure with this skirt at first because I usually don't pay more than $15 for solid color skirts. But I couldn't resist the silky fabric or the gold zipper in the end. I wish it had a little more body but I'm sure I can fix that by wearing another poofy skirt underneath. I hope Forever 21 makes more skirts with this same fabric!

Buy the socks here for $2.80
I also picked up this pair of polka dotted, over the knee socks. They were a great price and I plan on wearing them scrunched down with a short pair of boots, or pulled up all the way with some wedges and a cute dress. I got these nude tights too, I need to make a mental note to buy more next time! I can't believe I never thought about wearing nude tights in the winter because I'm constantly complaining about how I can never wear some of my dresses in the winter, bare-legged. Supposedly, wearing nude tights is a fashion no-no but I think goosebump covered legs look worse than nude tights. I'm not sure how well this pair ($3.50) will hold up, but for now, it will do! Sorry, they sold out online so I can't give you a link, but there were still a ton in stock in store!

$2.50 at Target
Lastly, I bought these purple, knee high socks from Target. If I had more money left, I would have picked up a few more pairs. Target has a huge selection of really nice long socks in a variety of colors and patterns, and they are all relatively cheap :)

I hope you enjoyed this haul post! I won't be buying anything for a while now but I'm pretty sure I've satisfied my retail therapy craving. Hope all my readers are enjoying the winter holidays and that you all got great deals! I'd love to hear what amazing deals you got after Christmas in the comments too. :)


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