Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Turban: DIY (Tutorial here)
Glasses: From a friend
Cross Necklace: Vintage
Galaxy Bustier: Thrift ($5)
Vest: Vintage (My Mom's!)
Belt: Forever 21
Maxi Skirt: Vintage (Also my Mom's)
Boots: Steve Madden

Hi guys! Today, I'm wearing a DIY turban that you can make in under 10 minutes, probably in 5 minutes if you have much experience sewing though :) This is an easy project that you can do to use up any leftover scrap fabric, and they make great gifts for friends!

I love this bustier and the way it photographs. I originally found it at a thrift store for $5, but it was in a size Large. It was such a unique piece though and I was determined to have it so I bought it and cut out some fabric from the sides and then sewed it back up and now it fits perfectly! You can snag up a lot of good deals by altering sale pieces!

The printed vest and the maxi skirt are both from my Mom's closet. I keep taking things from her! :P This skirt was also rather fun to take pictures in. I encourage you all to raid your parent's closets. Also, don't leave out your Dad's closet if you only plan on looking through your Mom's. I take all my giant oversized sweaters from him :D

I'm also really excited because my Fashion Design teacher invited me to come talk at the booth for next week's incoming 9th grade orientation! So I will get to talk to the current 8th grades about taking Fashion as an elective next year :) My sister is going into highschool too and I am forcing her to take Fashion >:D Thank you all for your comments! I promise to comment back on all your blogs; it just may take me a few days because of school and all :)


  1. the skirt is great! and the DIY turban <3
    hope you saw my comment in the previous post that i just left for you :) it's a blog award so check it out <3


  2. This is just so chic! love the skirt and top and turban so much! xx

    The Niknok Style

  3. i like that you have such a distinct style.. love the turban on you though i could never pull it off ;)

  4. As super-stylish as usual hun :)


  5. That's awesome, congrats on being able to talk at the booth at orientation! (And pretty cool you're able to force your sister into taking the course, I don't think I could force my sister into any arts courses, haha.) I love the print on the bustier and you did a great job cutting it your size. Hope you have a lovely end to the week! xx

  6. wow! wish i had some clothes like these! this would be my perfect outfit! :)

  7. love this look!
    your style is so amazing
    very different, it's like your playing a different character everyday
    I value that, now following :)


  8. wow! love this look so much! nice combo!!!
    This is such a lovely Blog! love your style too!!!


  9. i looove this skirt! following you now :)

  10. Love everything about this look!



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