Sunday, January 01, 2012

Happy New Years everyone! I want to show you all some new drawings that I did! Both have been done with Ebony pencils although my camera made the one on the right look a lot darker. They're kind of crinkly because I actually did them on printer paper just to practice doodling and then ended up finishing the entire portrait. I also get really intense when I'm drawing so I'm not surprised it got crinkled :P The one on the left is Robert Downey Jr and was done in 20 minutes, while the one on the left is Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman from BBC's Sherlock (By the way, I watched the first episode of Season 2 and I'm still speechless) and was done in 30 minutes.
I also wanted to share my New Years Resolutions! I know that this will be the hardest year of highschool by far, and I'm not measuring it by grade level, but in terms of months from January to December because of the college preparation and application process. I found that while the first semester of my junior year was not a piece of cake like sophomore year, I was still able to adjust... somewhat. With the transition into the new year, what that means to me is that COLLEGE IS CLOSER THAN YOU THINK. Don't get me wrong, I am extremely excited to graduate and go off to college but it really seemed that only one day ago, SATs, ACTs, and APs were a thing only to be extensively worried about for upperclassmen. Funny how quickly you find yourself in those shoes!
My one goal is to keep my sanity! It was quite unsettling to see how some of my classmates simply just lost it at finals week, or just flat out gave up. I don't really blame them because everyone has a different amount of stress and work load that they can individually handle. However, the mentality that drives me is "Do not allow yourself to have any 'What ifs?' later in life". Meaning that although I could ease up on worrying about grades and instead focus that time on only art since I want to attend an art school, I would much rather make the time to focus on both. This is because I want to do everything in my power to be the strongest applicant I can possibly be. I would not want to look back later in life and ask myself "I wonder how things might have been better if I had really pushed myself full force to get the best possible grades I possibly could?". If even after giving my 110% and I still do not get into my dream college, I will not feel regretful because I will at least know I did all that I could and if it's not meant to be, then so be it.
I have a second goal, but it seems to apply more broadly. I think that people who can naturally prioritize and balance time efficiently, have a true gift. There are 4 major things on my mind right now: homework, college exams, artwork, and blogging. Sometimes there is no choice but to give and take in order to get things done, but I hope that will push myself to balance all 4 of these things to the best of my ability. As you may have noticed, I haven't been posting my outfits as much during the break, for I've become really absorbed in my artwork. 2012 is going to be the year that I can cover all bases and go full force against whatever life throws in my way. And with that said, I want to say thank you again to all my readers <3 I hope that you too see 2012 as an opportunity for you to fully reach your goals, and if you are not already in the process of doing so, to find it within yourself to start the chase!


  1. aw what a lovely new years message! Happy new year! just saw your post come up and spotted the drawing of Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock and had to comment! The drawing is so good and amazing that you did it in just 30 mins! just watched this episode too! i love it

  2. haha yesssss! so glad, ive been waiting for the new series to start! i also really want to see the movie! that looks really good

  3. This is amazing! Never stop drawing. You have got a real talent!

  4. haha yes i didn't know what to think of her at the beginning.. but she seemed alright in the end! yes i will defintely go see it! i really enjoyed the first movie! :D hahah and love robert downey jr and jude law :P


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