Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Beanie: H&M ($6)
Cross Necklace: Vintage
Sweater: Vintage ($5)
Skirt: H&M ($17)
Wooly Coat: Piko 1988 ($58)
Lace Tights: Forever 21 ($6)
Lace Up Boots: Steve Madden ($50)

I'm wearing all my favorite colors today! It might not match to most people but it sure brightens my mood whenever I have on a bright outfit :) Fuchsia has been a favorite color since I was young but I've recently fallen in love with these minty seafoam, rusty orange, and mustard colors. This is the coat I recently thrifted and although it is more than I would want to pay for a coat, I do not regret this purchase at all as it is one of the few lightweight but warm coats I own. I hate bulky layers because they make me feel uncomfortable and it's also inconvenient if I take off a bulky coat at school when I already have so many things to carry around. You may have noticed I tried the whole layering white crew socks over your tights and boots look, and I must say I quite like it because it really lengthens your calves.

In other news, I am now sponsored by Oasap.com and I picked out the cutest leggings and I'm super excited to take pictures and show you guys when they arrive! :D My little sister has not posted in a while to Lookbook either but we are planning to take pictures together this 3-day weekend. If you want to look at her profile you can see it here. Everyone says we look alike and there have been many instances where people from school mistake my sister for me at the mall! Well that's all until tomorrow :) I love all my readers so much. You guys really help make my junior year a lot more bearable and exciting!


  1. Jennifer! Yay! i've been waiting for you to post this look with the sweater and the fuchsia skirt. LOVE IT! <3


  2. Your outfit looks great!

  3. wow! you have such beautiful photos. Love your style!

  4. cute!! just found your blog from lookbook! new follower!


  5. love ur style ..so chic!!love how you put together colours:)

  6. you look amazing dear, i love those colors!:)

  7. Congratulations on the sponsorship! Your blog is lovely, and I love this outfit! I never imagined the socks over tights layering would lengthen calves...I have to try this!


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