Thursday, January 26, 2012

Hat: Forever 21
Top: Forever 21

Today I'm wearing the leggings that sent to me :D I'm happy to expand my closet in terms of pants since I really only alternate between 3 pairs; I prefer tights most of the time. But these leggings are a happy medium because they have the sheer mesh (which is actually much thicker than your typical tights so you don't have to worry about it ripping) and the more structural qualities of the faux leather. They are eye-catching without actually being that revealing in my opinion. If you guys like these leggings, you should take a look around on the website! :)

I have some more exciting news! I'm doing a paid photoshoot this weekend and am quite ecstatic to have been asked :) I'm shooting 9 girls for a birthday party photoshoot so it should be rather fun! However, I won't get to enjoy taking the photoshoot pictures until I finish taking the SAT that morning :( So I'm sorry if I'm taking a while to reply back to you all, I just want to get the SAT out of the way first, but wanted to take a break to post an outfit today.

Right now, in my fashion design class at school, I'm working on a simple cotton dress with tie straps and a sash in the middle. I'm using only white cotton, because I plan on practicing some dying techniques on it afterwards! I normally like to pursue more complicated projects but I know that I don't need to add any more stress to what I already have. I hope all of you guys are doing well though! Have a wonderful Thursday!

PS: Eunice from was so kind as to give me the Liebster Blog Award, and I just wanted to say thank you, and I hope you guys will also take the time to check her blog out as well :)


  1. really adore this whole outfit <3 usually i'm not a fan of black on black on black but you just changed my entire perspective of it :) Also, that's great that you're going to be doing a paid photoshoot!good luck on your SAT's!

  2. lovely outfit, your tights are amazing <3
    Come check out my blog and follow back if you like it <3

  3. those leggings are love! <3

  4. your top, hat, and leggings are all so amazing! I love your photos and those girls are so lucky to have you take their photos!

  5. Your outfit is amazing and gorgeous.

    Completly in love with your leggings...

    You have a new follower with GFC - please follow back...

    Tanja - or via Facebook-Page

  6. this looks beyond perfect! love it! xx

    The Niknok Style

  7. oooh you are soo pretty:) love this look! you have really great photos:)

  8. Hi Jennifer, I found you trough LOOKBOOK and I loved your style!
    You rock girl :)

  9. Looking gooooood! I quite like the mixture of different textures in your outfits especially just in your leggings themselves. That's so exciting about your photoshoot, I hope you have a good time! And especially good luck on the SAT! It'll be such a relief once you get out of the testing site, make sure you take a nap afterwards xx

  10. those leggings are truly cool. im in love!!
    thanks for the photo tips bu the way, i really want to start shooting with a tripod but because i live in london that could be a bit difficult...
    congrats for the payed shoot, im sue you will do brilliant at it ;)

  11. this outfit is so amazing, those leggings are insanely awesome! love your style girl :)


  12. The leggings are amazing!

    Definitely following you :)


  13. I just bought it, I didn't know what it is. But as I went home I saw it actally isn't a cool cookie-necklace like I meant. I was so unhappy this day but I'm looking forward doing a diy with it..I'm really giving up telling you you're gorgeous because I think you should know already! :)

  14. Wow , I love the leggins! U have amazing style, following <3

  15. wow! You leggins are awesome! Love it - mix of textures is one of my favourite trend this season!


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