Monday, January 09, 2012

This weekend, I went thrifting with a few of my friends :) I wasn't looking for anything in particular, in fact I was planning on not buying anything; I simply wanted to get out of the house again and spend some time relaxing before break was over. I tend to overwork myself, even during the Christmas break, I can never truly "relax" because I am always aware, maybe too aware, of the future and what needs to be accomplished. Consider it a blessing and a curse. This keeps me very focused and I'm able to accomplish whatever I set my mind to eventually, however, my stress level does not go down during these breaks. I may stop worrying about homework, but my mind will shift to worrying about college exams and applications. :/

Shopping with my friends is one of the few things that is a complete stress reliever for me. One of the reasons is because it takes me out of the house into a place where nothing will trigger my stress. I don't even need to buy anything, I just like helping my friends find things that they like and giving them my opinion. I did end up buying some things though :) The first item is a fuzzy, wooly coat. This was one of the first things I saw and even after glancing at the price tag and deciding to walk away, I came back to it 10 minutes later. I spent forever debating wether or not to get it because the price tag was $58.00 (By the way, this was a completely new piece, it was not worn previously so that would help account for it's higher price) and I was trying to only buy things that were in the $20 and under range because I had just gone shopping at the mall recently. Note to self: Don't try something on if you are not prepared to willingly fork out the money for it! :( But I tried it on, despite the voice in the back of my head, and I fell in love with it. Mainly because of the beautiful rusty, orange color and the soft, wooly texture. But also because it kept reminding me of Sherlock Holmes' old, beat-up robe from the first movie!

I know it doesn't look the exact same but I couldn't calm my fangirl instinct :D I put it on hold and decided that if I still wanted it at the end of the day and hadn't made any other big purchases, I would come back for it (which I did). The second piece is a minty green, knit wool Bebe sweater from Goodwill. It was only $5.50 and was in my size too :) It's super soft and has a nice thickness. I'm going to pair it with my fuchsia skirt soon! And then the last item is a vintage silverware plate which was $7. I really like going to the Goodwill and looking through their fancy plates and containers because they are very cheap and make beautiful jewelry organizers. Plus, I always see these types of jewelry organizers being sold at Urban Outfitters but for $20-30, in which case, I'd rather just buy more jewelry than buy an overpriced organizer! Anyways, school starts again on Tuesday for me so I will finally get back into the routine of posting my outfits which I'm very excited about. Until then, have a wonderful day :)


  1. it's not so difficult as you think :*
    visit me again if you have some time soon ;)

  2. love the plate you found, i totally agree that you find the best fancy plates thrifting, and most of the time they are pretty unique too!

  3. thankyou <3 I actually bought it a few years ago at heritage1981 (forever21) anyways, lovely thrifting finds! can't wait to see what the mint green sweater looks like paired with the fuchsia skirt!


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