Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Hat: Forever 21
Sunglasses: From a friend
Swan Top: H&M ($12)
Military Jacket: Abercrombie and Fitch ($120)
Belt: Forever 21 ($3)
Faux Suede Pants: H&M ($14)
Shoes: Wt. Mountain

So my Dad repaired my remote and now it is good as new! :) It turns out that the giant batch of batteries we bought just had a lot of defective ones. But after throwing out a couple more, we finally found one that actually worked. The batteries are very cheap though so it is not a big deal. Last night, I watched the Reichenbach Falls episode of BBC Sherlock. IT WAS THE SADDEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN. I was sobbing uncontrollably. There was no literal waterfall in the actual episode; rather, I believe that the writers intended for the real waterfalls to be the tears of the audience. I do not know how I will survive the minimum of 18 months until the 3rd season :(

Onto the outfit, I don't usually wear pants but it was 30 degrees this morning so I made the right choice.  It's going to rain for 5 days straight (probably because the clouds are also crying over BBC Sherlock). But my sister and I prepared by taking a couple of our outfit photos in advance when it was still sunny yesterday ;) I also don't wear this jacket as often as I should. I got it at Abercrombie and Fitch during their after-Christmas sale in 2010. I had actually been stalking it online but when it went out of stock online, I freaked out because it wasn't even a sale item at that point! We went to the store and only found one left (my size thankfully) and my mom let me buy it then due to the circumstances :) However, I recommend you all wait to buy any outerwear you see at A&F until they bring in their new season of clothing and discount the last. This happens 90% of the time (given the item does not go out of stock). We have purchased so many coats that have been marked down from $150 to only $50. And there is almost always a large selection of colors and sizes to still pick from if you go right when the sale starts.

These sunglasses, I actually stole from my friend Jared ;P "Steal" sounds kind of harsh so I should explain that I borrowed them for my Sherlock Holmes costume and notified him I would be keeping them hostage; he has made no effort since to retrieve them so now they are mine :D Jared and I are both 16 and he is an outstanding musician and is gifted with crazy talent. He has his own Youtube channel where he often posts the melodies he improvs on the piano, or the tunes he creates on his own on the computer. In return for these glasses, the least I can do is help promote him back :) If you guys have time, I encourage you to check out his videos here!


  1. Hi, nice blog and beautiful looks! I"m following you, if you wish, follow me back!! I need to talk with you, I have one idea for us, if possible add me in facebook: www.facebok.com/luhgarfer


  2. ohh i love those pants they are awesome! i love H&M they have the greatest most unique stuff! and so you know I replied back to your comment on my post...not sure if you get like a notification or something that I replied..? I'm still getting used to this hahaa

  3. so in love with your sunnies <3 they're perfect!
    10 years ago?! oh my! you should really go visit Disneyland again when you have the time :)


  4. awesome. love your coat and the glasses x

  5. Oh yay! That is fantastic news that it was just he batteries and not the remote itself; what a relief! (Who knew battery investment was so important?) And I've heard so much about BBC Sherlock...when spring semester ends, I think I might make it one of my summer shows. The swan print in your shirt is nice and really stands out against the more structured and minimalistic pieces of your outfit. Hope that the rain passes soon! xx

  6. the jacket is perfect jenneifer!..soo cool!!:) adore the sunnies

  7. Ha I never buy anything in A&F unless it's on clearance--you always feel ripped off when you come back to find an overpriced item suddenly become dirt cheap.
    Also your friend Jared sounds so talented! I'm checking out his music now.
    And, of course, I love this outfit. It's so quirky and cool (especially with Jared's sunglasses)

  8. I love your photos, they are always beautiful!
    The outfit is perfect, top is to die for!

  9. You look incredible!

  10. Cool shirt! I love the high waisted pants too!



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