Monday, February 06, 2012

Hi everyone! :) So if you have been keeping up with me recently, you will know that I shot a photoshoot for a group of teenage girls for a birthday party, and earned $200! I felt that my wardrobe needed a little boost so I used almost all the money (sadly haha) and went shopping, but for once, I don't feel guilty about it because I earned the money myself! This is what I got:

Starting from top left:
1. Star print chiffon top, Forever 21, $12.80 (Buy here)
2. High-waisted acid wash skinny jeans, H&M, $20
3. Studded cuff, Forever 21, $7.80 (Buy here)
Wing cuff, Forever 21, $6.80 (Buy here)
Beaded Navajo bracelet, a gift from a best friend :)
4. Furry hat, $6, Target
5. Rosette necklace, Forever 21, $7.80 (Buy here)
Cross necklace, Forever 21, $6.80 (Buy here)
Pearly stone necklace, Forever 21, $5.80
6. Chiffon floral kimono, Target, $10
7. Deer t-shirt dress, H&M, $7
8. Cheetah print ribbon flats, Payless, $20
9. Lace long-sleeve top, Forever 21, $16

I'm really loving the items I picked out :) especially the jeans because they will also make adorable high-waisted jean shorts if I decide to cut them up. I've been looking for a pair of those vintage Levi shorts forever but it's hard to find a pair that fit well without it costing a lot of money. For only $20, I'm quite happy with these! They also come in an acid grey.

I also don't normally like flats because I feel like they make me feet look odd, but I needed another pair of flat-heeled shoes. I've been seeing flats like these around and tried these on and much to my surprise, the ribbon tie helps to divide up your foot so it doesn't look too lengthy.

You may have also noticed I went on a huge jewelry binge :D I'm not usually a person who buys jewelry that often but it felt like at every single corner I turned at Forever 21, there was another cute piece of jewelry shouting my name!! Seriously, all of you need to run over there right now because their jewelry selection is phenomenal right now.

And lastly, although I don't have pictures since these items have not arrived in the mail yet, I ordered the Motel Blake dress in Cherry Blossom for $18 online and I'm really adoring the bold floral print, plus it has that cute mesh detailing! I also ordered from eBay, a pair of Steampunk-inspired sunglasses for $10, a pair of hot pink Lennons for $7, and a tulle tutu skirt for $16. I'm the most excited about the tulle skirt, I was stalking this one online at Forever 21 but was really sad when it went out of stalk in my size so I searched all over eBay and found a suitable alternative.

In other news, Daria from Fashion Surf featured me as her January, Blogger of the Month, and you can read the interview she did on me here! Please check out her blog, she always has lovely photography and she is very kind :) Thanks again Daria! <3


  1. wow, kudos on making $200 go such a long way! i especially love 7&8, would never have thought they were under $50 :)

  2. Wow! You bought so many amazing stuff in just $200! (: When we earn money ourselves, we find ourselves treasuring the items we bought with the money even more than usual. ^^

    The items look amazing, I love how unique the jewelry pieces you picked out are. Can't wait to see what you do with them. (;

  3. So cool, congrats ;-)
    nice stuffs here!

  4. Ah, sounds like it was absolutely awesome! Buying pieces with one's own money is always so much more rewarding...I've also found those pieces have become some of my most worn ones. The studded cuff and printed kimono look especially nice– I can't wait to maybe see you wear them on the blog! Congrats on the feature and I hope that you've been having a lovely week! xx


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