Sunday, February 12, 2012

Star Top: Forever 21, $13
Marbled Dress: H&M, $8
Studded Cuff: Forever 21, $8
Sunglasses: eBay, $10

Today I paired my new sheer, star top from Forever 21, with my H&M marbled dress! Mixing prints is one of the easiest ways to rework your wardrobe; an easy rule to follow is to mix prints with the same color palette, or to pair a loud print with a more subdued one (think bold stripes with thin stripes etc). The stars combined with the splotchy marbled print remind me of the Milky Way, which is how the name of this look came about! I added on my new studded cuff also from Forever 21 too! You also may not have noticed but I'm wearing nude tights in this look and the last one too; I think they are one of the best inventions, especially for those days when you don't want to throw on black tights but it's a bit too cold outside to go bare-legged.

I'm also wearing my new sunglasses which I ordered off of eBay here. While looking for some Lennon sunglasses, I stumbled across these ones and the even cooler part is that the black lenses flip up to reveal clear lenses beneath! I'm going through a sunglasses phase at the moment :D


  1. Very cool sunglasses. Also, like the different options they offer and free shipping. Nice find.

  2. Oh this is cool looking! The sunglasses are pretty sweet ;)

  3. In LOVE with your sunglasses!


  4. Wow, what a great outfit! Love all!

  5. aww i love this :) i really love those sunglasses on you - i would never be able to pull them off (i'd look like a dork), but you wear them so well! i also adore this combination of black and white, jennifer!

  6. I love those glasses! And your dreamy/edgy outfit compliments it perfectly! :)


  7. just bought those sunglasses
    and posted wearing them!
    twinnies! lol you look great
    love your style

  8. this look is just amazing, you have such killer style! love everything about this :)


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