Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Blouse: Courtesy of ShopSosie, $29.40
Belt: Forever 21, $6
Skirt: Old Navy, $6
Headband: Vintage
Arm Cuff: Forever 21, $8
Shoes: Cynthia Vincent for Target, $35

Hello everyone! I'm so happy to finally get to post an outfit after recovering from my wisdom teeth surgery :) I had been really frustrated and in much pain because I had to stop taking the Vicodin they gave me since it was giving me nausea. But when I received this blouse in the mail, courtesy of ShopSosie my spirits were instantly lifted! :) I've been in love with their stuff since I saw Aimee Song wearing some pieces from them and I was beyond excited when they emailed me! :D What I love best about ShopSosie is that they have a very clean and edited selection of clothing; there is no sifting through pieces that you don't like; everything they have for sale appeals to me! They have such a wide variety of lovely colors, prints, shapes and textures. The pricing is very reasonable and the sale section is even better, and this blouse is on sale by the way ;) Definitely head on over and look around!

My favorite part about this blouse is the cape like sleeves of chiffon and how the blouse is longer in the back. It was rather windy today but that allowed me to show off the qualities of this top :) I tucked the front of the blouse into a belt to accentuate the sides of the blouse and transition it into the black skirt. Lastly, I threw on an arm cuff over the blouse to accentuate the cape sleeves. Did I mention that the buttons are little pearls?! I just love it! I would feel so confident wearing this blouse to give a speech in class or go to an interview; it's dressy while maintaining a fun and unique twist. Thank you so much Sosie!!

I also wanted to show you some of my other favorite things from ShopSosie:
1. Tri Owl Ring, $16
This double-finger ring is right on trend and the owls would look so cute perched on my fingers!
I love the bright colors and texture of this wallet, plus the obvious fact that is adorable!
I really need more flat shoes and the muted beige tone of these sandals will allow them to go with practically anything, plus they won't randomly fall off my feet when I'm walking :)

I hope you enjoyed those picks! :) In other news, I won first place in the Hey Beautiful! contest on What I Wear! Thank you to those of you who voted for me, my prize is an iPad 2! I nearly died when I found out I won (it's dangerous flipping out on the top of a bunk bed too...). My mom has been wanting an iPad for some time so I told her she could have it :) But she said she would buy it off of me by buying me the taupe Jeffrey Campbell Lita Spikes!!! All in all, that is a pretty good deal for an iPad 2 though considering the JCs are $190 and an iPad would cost $500. I can't wait to wear those bad boys to school; they also double as a means of self defense ;) 
Over the break, I also managed to finish the basic structure of the gown I'm wearing for our school's fashion show! I'm halfway through the second gown and just started draping the coat. There's still so much work to be done in only a month but I shall just have to lose sleep and fuel my energy with my excitement for the Hunger Games premiere (got my tickets already!). We have a rainstorm coming in now so I'll see you guys again on Friday when the sun is back out. Have a wonderful week! Much love to you all! <3


  1. you look like a medieval lass, jennifer! i love the billowy sleeves and blood red colour. congrats on winning the ipad ^__^ and how sweet of a daughter you are. rock those litas and take lots of pics in them!

    pandaphilia style

  2. omg, you're getting the taupe spike litas?! I'm so jelly right now...
    can't wait to see you rocking those bad boys <3

  3. LOVE the blouse!! It's such a pretty color and shape! (: Congrats on winning; and ugh, those JC litas are just.....amazing. I love anything spiked. If I had the confidence (or wasn't so tall already haha), I would totally wear them; but right now I'm lusting over the spiked martini JCs. GAHHH.


  4. That top is gorgeous! And a great choice on those JCs!

  5. ASKDGJEPHL...those JC's :) i love this look! and you're so sweet to do that for your mom - and your mom is so sweet as well <3 heehee. also i can't wait to see that dress! i'm so proud of you for winning that competition - you're amazing!

  6. Lucky you, those litas are so perfect!!!!
    Love your outfit! This blouse is so great! You look amazing!

  7. your blouse is just so unique and incredible. I love the batwing sleeves and the embellishments! <3

  8. super flawless look
    love your're super pretty ♥

  9. Cute outfit! You have such great pictures. I also saw one of your outfits on Sugarlips and discovered your blog from there! Those pants are amazing and you have such great taste!

    You Like It? I Made It!

  10. Love this outfit! The arm cuff makes it so special!
    But you know, I always love your looks :)

    Daria, the Fashionsurfer

  11. that top is so pretty, it looks amazing on you! and congrats on winning, i would totally take some spike JC's over an Ipad any day ;p


  12. simply to say, your headband and scarlet top are perfect on you. love the sunset effect in the background. very pretty Jenn =)

    Style Hostess

  13. Gorgeous outfit!!! Cool style!
    I love your blog and I follow you!!

  14. you look so pretty! such a gorgeous top! Congratulations in coming 2nd! :)

    Hayley xx

  15. love the style and colour of that blouse!


  16. That top is so so gorgeous! And congratulations on coming first, I would be flipping out if I found out I had won an iPad 2 (funny because I sleep on a bunk as well). And OMG THE HUNGER GAMES I'm so excited for it as well. I'm still deliberating whether I should go to the midnight screening or not, but I hope both you and I find it enjoyable :)

  17. That is awesome that you've made a good recovery from the wisdom teeth surgery– eating food must seem so super pleasant now! How exciting that they emailed you; all the little details in the top are really eye-catching and I like how there's some structure in the sleeves when your arms are down. Congrats again on winning the contest (what a wonderful mummy you have :D) Good luck on the rest of your pieces for the school fashion show! xx

  18. Omg, perfect, I'm in love with this look and the blouse. You look like a modern version of a medieval lady.


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