Sunday, February 05, 2012

A problem I've always dealt with in having small wrists is being unable to wear most bracelets or bangles. :( To fix this obstacle, when I did decide to wear bangles, I would push them up to my forearm or up to my upper arm. Now I've just gotten into the habit of doing this and have learned to love the upper arm cuff a lot! Here are some of my picks! Keep in mind though that you will need to look for either bracelets that have a lot of stretch, or bangles that have an opening like the ones below, that can wrap around your arm, and not constrict blood flow.
Clockwise from top left:
1. Winged Cuff Bracelet - $8.80 at Forever 21
2. Cobra Arm Band - $24 at Urban Outfitters
3. Mesh Clamp Bracelet - $28 at Topshop
4. Cutout Rose Cuff - $4.80 at Forever 21
5. Double Band Armcuff - $30 at Topshop 
6. Etched Leaves Hinge Bracelet - $5.80 at Forever 21

My favorite one is the cuffed wing bracelet from Forever 21 :) It looks like a pair of wings is hugging your arm! My second favorite is the leaf bracelet because it looks like it's really stuck on to your arm. I hope you enjoy these and feel inspired to try out an upper arm cuff yourself! Sadly, please forgive me, but I made this post a few weeks ago and never got around to posting it and now some of them are out of stock :( They are still pretty to look at though!

I know I haven't posted in a week but I recently went shopping with all the photoshoot money I earned so expect a haul post soon :)


  1. I have thesame problem, I just wear them loose and hope they don't fall off! X

  2. There's just something that seems so divine about upper arm cuffs. I've seen them on plenty Victoria Secret models as well, & this is definitely something that more people should embrace. Reminds me of a goddess! <3


  3. love the wings too, i wish i could wear them on my upper arm ;) x

  4. I saw the wings one while I was shopping, it's pretty eye-catching! You small-wristed people deal with such strife ;) Thanks for the comment, it's the coolest thing that I know you in real life and on here, ya know? haha or maybe I just think that :)

  5. I'm obsessed with these too! <3 I really want the winged one.


  6. GREAT finds! they are all priced wonderfully low! and thanks for voting! very sweet of you :)


  7. Wow these are some great bracelets. You have a lovely blog btw, do you want to follow each other? :)

    Love, the NaNa girls x

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