Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Kimono: Target, $10
Corset: Forever 21, $13
Shorts: Handmade
Shoes: Wt. Mountain

Today I am wearing the new kimono I purchased at Target last week! I always find the best things on sale at Target; this kimono is actually an XXL but I think it looks better if it is oversized on me. The corset is from Forever 21 and I'd love to find more tops like this because the sweetheart neckline is really flattering if you have a small bust and frames your neck really well. The shorts, I made myself using the McCall's M6238 Pattern if you'd like to make your own. I also decided to wear my long black socks (Kendall taught me the trick of cutting your old tights into thigh high socks instead of buying them), with my black booties and I like the way they make my legs look super long! :)

Smashion.com did an interview on me recently, so thank you to Vanessa for asking me to partake in it! I also received THE MOST ADORABLE PANTS courtesy of Sugarlips Apparel and I'll have the outfit post for you all this weekend. I knew the pants might end up being a little long on me since I'm on the shorter side, but I had to have them, so I altered the hem the other day at school and now they fit perfectly! These pants look like they walked out of one of my dreams; I've never seen anything like them.

This is a bit delayed on my part but the 2nd issue of Te Au was published recently and I have a few pieces in there if you'd like to see:

I have 100 followers on my blog now :) Thank you so much everyone! My blog is truly my retreat from school stresses and you support makes the experience so much more worthwhile! <3


  1. I love the kimono! the second to last photo is really pretty :)

  2. oh wow that kimono is abosolutly gorgeous, Great buy huh =)... have a lovely day =)

  3. Oh,you have fantastic legs,girl!! XX

  4. Love the kimono and the pants so much!!


  5. I love your Kimono! And I hear you about blogs being a de-stresser!


  6. I love your style! You have such an unique way of dressing, i love it :)
    and i really like your blog!

    (i'm going to follow you, hope you'll check my blog and eventually follow back)

  7. Beautiful print in your new kimono– I knew I'd love to see you actually wearing it especially with the subtle mixture of prints! (McCall patterns are my favourite, your shorts came out great.) Congrats on the feature and second issue of Te Au xx

  8. Its Beautifull girl, I Like Kimono....


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