Saturday, March 03, 2012

Floral Headdress: DIY (Tutorial here)
Leopard Print Dress: c/o Oasap, $25

Hello everyone! Yesterday, has honestly been one of the BEST days in my life! Yesterday morning the ACT score reports came out and I got a 33!!!!! Oh god I just wanted to cry (just kidding... but no I kind of did almost). If you had been reading my blog when I took the SAT back in January, I was a nervous wreck.. The SAT did not treat me well and I didn't do as well as I thought I would. So there was a lot of pressure that I placed on myself to do well on the ACT in February... and now I could not be any happier with the score I received! I was on cloud nine the whole day at school :D I'm taking it again since I'm already signed up for it but I feel like a huge, huge load of stress has been lifted off my shoulders and I can actually sit back, hit pause, and relax a bit :)

Besides that, I'm also really happy with my outfit! I got this dress from Oasap and I'm glad to add another animal print piece to my closet because I definitely overwear the cheetah print bandage skirt I have from H&M... it also happens to be a long sleeve dress-- something I'm always looking for when I'm out shopping. The fabric is stretchy and soft; it feels kind of like that athletic, running shirt material. It's comfortable enough to sleep in if you are too tired to change into pajamas when you get home... I do have to note that I am on the shorter side (5'3") and this dress is short on me, so if you are tall, it will serve you better as a longer top. The floral headdress is new too; I had been wanting to make a second one but with larger flowers instead of all smaller ones. I like the way it turned out but it's definitely a bit more difficult to get the larger flowers to stay put!

And one more thing that made my day, ROMWE got more galaxy print skirts! I saw them for sale months and months ago and saved it to my bookmarks for later, with no idea how quickly it would sell out... they never restocked them after that :( so I'm over joyed that they brought them back! You can get them for $26 (Use the 20% off coupon on the orig. $33 price), which is a great investment for such a unique print. A good galaxy print is really hard to find these days at that price; there's always Black Milk leggings but those are a bit more out of my price range. If you want one, go grab one now! There's only less than 50 in stock now and I'm pretty sure they will set out like they did last time. Romwe also has the Jeffrey Campbell Skate dupes! Of course I wouldn't discover that until after I ordered the Lita Spikes but that's okay :) I'll be happy with the latter too. I just love Romwe's stuff because they are spot on with current street fashions when they arise, not like most stores where you have to wait a couple weeks at least for certain trends to hit.

Well this weekend has gotten off to a simply wonderful and rewarding start! Yesterday night, I got to watch Hugo with my family. I wish Jude Law could have been in the movie for more than like 2 minutes though... oh well :( Anyways, have a lovely weekend everyone!


  1. love it as always! you look like you're GLOWING :) PROBABLY FROM THAT AWESOME SCORE - SO PROUD OF YOU <3 will reply your email soon (but i beamed when i saw it)! this dress looks great on you, and your legs look really nice! i love the new headdress!

  2. look gorgeous! this dress is so nice on you! I know what you mean about the animal prints, im really into at the moment i have a skirt from river island but i dont wear it as often as i should! Well done on the test no more stress!!!

    Hayley xx

  3. lovely look!! the dress is genius and I love your shoes!!

  4. yay congrats on your ACT score Jennifer!!! I like your headdress :)

  5. Congrats on your ACT score!! (:
    I love your outfit here! The dress looks lovely on you and I love the shoes. (:


  6. Wow you are gorgeous and the dress look great on you! I love the flower crown, too and I saw your diy further down and I just might try it! Thanks!

  7. LOVE the flowers in your hair! You look stunning!
    Flower Show

  8. I agree about the jude law thing, haha :) You have such a lovely sense of style. I love this dress, it looks so pretty on you. And that headband is seriously so gorgeous. It's too much to handle. Also congrats on the ACT. I haven't taken the SAT or ACT. Ughh. I didn't do very well on the PSAT. I'm not looking forward to it, plus there's only like one date left. So it sucks. Anywho, Lovely blog :)

  9. Thanks for stopping by! I seriously love your style :)
    You look so cute!

  10. that dress is amaaazing, i love leopard print! that headband is pretty too, love it with the dress! and i love Romwe's galaxy skirts too :)


  11. this dress is amazing and also your style. following you<3


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