Friday, March 09, 2012

Hat: Forever 21, $5
Fuzzy Sweater: c/o of Sugarlips Apparel, $49
Python Print Jeans: c/o of Love of Eos, $89
JC Lita Spikes:, $189

I know people say that money can't buy you happiness but I'm going to have to make an exception when it comes to these shoes!!! THEY HAVE FINALLY COME IN THE MAIL! And just as everyone says, the JC Litas really are the most comfortable shoes ever! At first glance, they look impossible to walk in, but the platform in the front elevates your foot to only a 1 inch heel so it feels like you are walking on the flat ground almost. And I can't forget the beautiful spikes on these! They are screwed in so you don't need to worry too much about them falling off. I love the way the Litas make your legs look a mile long without killing your feet :) I've caught Jeffrey Campbell fever and now I'm obsessed. I got these shoes all thanks to the's Hey Beautiful photo contest! I won the first place prize of an iPad 2 and I gave it to my mom in return for her buying me the Lita Spikes, so thank you so much WhatIWear!!! <3

Next, I received this sweater in the mail from Sugarlips Apparel again :D I'm really loving the whole fuzzy textured fabric trend going on right now. The sweater might appear to be itchy but it's actually pretty soft. My sister has also expressed ardent interest in borrowing this sweater haha :) I love the little v-snip cut at the neckline and the brown band accents on the sleeves. With it's earthy tones, this sweater will look great paired with a floral headdress the next time I wear it!

And these are the python print jeans I got from Love of Eos the other day! I was rather disappointed when I found out I could no longer buy the python print Litas online so these pants were a happy substitute :) They are by the brand Sass and are more like jeggings rather than jeans, which is great, considering I find jeans uncomfortable for the most part. They are stretchy and fit me like a glove. Yet another bold, printed piece I can add to my closet again! Plus, I can see these pants working with a lot of other tops, without worrying about clashing prints because of the overall, neutral beige tone.

Do you ever put together an outfit where you feel like everything fits together like a puzzle piece? This is that outfit for me :D In other news, I am taking the SAT again tomorrow morning and then in the evening, I'm going to one of my best friend's birthday party for dinner and a sleepover at her house. Sunday, I get to do some more sewing and I actually have no homework at all to do! Mostly because I assumed my APUSH teacher assigned another chapter of the textbook to complete when he didn't, so now I'm actually ahead of the game in APUSH (for once!) And LA is in 5 days too :D 

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! :)


  1. those litas are so hot!! so glad you won them in such an adventurous way :) i just love heels with spikes on them, and now i might consider saving up for a pair of litas but there are so many options! good luck on your SAT :)

    pandaphilia style

  2. Wow those shoes are HOT HOT HOT! Love the printed bottoms and the oversized top! Very cute!

  3. i can't stop ogling at your spiked litas!

    you have a great style.found your blog on chictopia, btw. i'm your newest follower. hope you can also drop by mine. :)

  4. AHHHHH omg. this outfit is so edgy - i love it!! Your litas are to die for. I love anything spiked!! (: Good luck on your SATs! APUSH..ahh, don't remind me. haha.


  5. wow! you have such an amazing style, dear! I love this outfit:)))

  6. love everything!!! Pants and Lita boots look fantastic!!! =)

  7. Your shoes are to die for! <3

  8. this outfit is simply amazing! love your style


  9. This outfit is so amazing! Lucky you, the litas are fabulous!!

  10. I know I already said this in person, but these shoes are just so awesome!!

  11. i agree they really are the most comfy shoes ever! people always say how do you walk in them? And i believe its also beacause they are such chunky shoes and have a chunky heel you arent wobbling around on a tiny thin heel

    Hayley xx

  12. love your lita shoes!!! love the spikes, so fierce!



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