Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Chain Headpiece: DIY (Tutorial here)
Top: Vintage, from my Mom's closet
Maxi Skirt: c/o of Love of Eos

This top, which I took from my Mom's closet, has been sitting in my closet for a long time because I had trouble pairing it with the right item... but recently, Love of Eos sent me this nude maxi skirt and it seemed like these two items would go perfect with eachother :) Love of Eos is an online clothing store based in Australia and they've got some really nice choices for bottoms in particular! Sophie, the owner of Love of Eos, also sent me a pair of distressed black denim shorts, and I gave up on wearing denim shorts because I have the hardest time finding a pair that flatters my non-existent behind and also isn't made of fabric that is too thick and uncomfortable, and these shorts were comfortably thin and didn't make me look like a was wearing a paper bag as a pair of shorts :) And there are these amazing python print jeans which I am holding off on wearing until my Lita Spikes arrive in the mail!!

A quick update on the progress of my fashion show collection is I have managed to finish the 2nd gown, and the burlap shorts for the third outfit. So now I'm moving onto the corset top and kimono-styled cardigan to finish the third outfit! I'm also pretty excited to go on our Fashion Class' annual trip to LA next week where I'll get to go to the FIDM Debut Show too (and miss 2 days of school :D) but I'll probably not be as happy about that when I am actually faced with the make-up work... but what I'm most anticipating is our visit to the LA Mood Fabrics; maybe I will be lucky and find some pretty (hopefully not crazy expensive) trims and appliques I can use? Nonetheless, I am glad to get a mini-vacation in the middle of this hectic month of March!


  1. you're so pretty ♥
    love the headlace and the skirt ♥
    you have a nice hair btw

  2. Love this one! I've been getting in the mood of matchy matchy outfits, and this one certainly is awesome! And that's great to hear that you've finished another gown; you'll have to post photos of everything when it's completed. :)

  3. Jennifer, this look is so beautiful! So romatic and so special!

    Daria, the Fashionsurfer

  4. LOVE this, so romantic ! u look beautiful :)

  5. oh my gosh, this is stunning!


  6. love tis look so much!!!! The snakeskin trousers will look awesome with the lita spikes!

    Hayley xx

  7. Wow that dress is amazing! I love your blog!
    x Judith

  8. oh your moms top is so unique... Good luck wiht your collection =)

  9. love it - your hair is perfect with this look!

  10. the last picture is sooooo pretty! I'm so excited about the LA trip!

  11. I thought it was a dress at first!! beautiful outfit!! (: Love how everything just works together perfectly! Glad to hear your fashion show items are coming together nicely. Good luck!! Oh, and your hair in the last photo... *O* LOVE.


  12. You look so lovely!!!

    PS. We’ve a giveaway to Number A on our blog! Check it out if you’d like! :)

    ox from NYC!


  13. so pretty!! I love how unique your style is!


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