Monday, April 23, 2012

Beanie: North Face, $8
Crochet Sweater: Vintage, $18
Cross Necklace: Vintage
Sparkly Maxi Skirt: c/o Oh My Frock
Black Sneakers: H&M, $15

This has to be one of my new favorite outfits. I recently received this mesmerizing, sparkly maxi-skirt from Oh My Frock! When I go shopping, I am always looking for those pieces that not only have the wow-factor on the rack, but become even more eye-catching in movement. This skirt hit the mark right on! When you walk around in this skirt, it really looks like a glistening wave or as if you somehow possess water-bending powers (Did anyone else used to watch The Last Airbender?). You might also imagine the texture of the fabric to be scratchy but it was actually soft and the best part was it did not have static cling. (I have the worst luck with static when I wear chiffon, and once the static gets to my hair, all hell ensues!)  This is really such a beautiful garment, not only during the day but imagine how lovely it would look out at night if you were to go dancing or out to dinner. Thank you so much to Oh My Frock! :) I'm very happy with this skirt.

This weekend, I also picked up this black beanie which I found at Nordstrom Rack for only $8... mind you I had to awkwardly go into the men's section though but it was worth it ;) I also got new black sneakers from H&M. They have black laces and go up a little bit past your ankles. I was originally looking for a short black lace up boot but these were cheaper and worked for the look I was going for. One detail I like in particular about these shoes is the small portion of elastic banding in the top rim by your ankle. It makes the shoe much more comfortable because it can stretch to fit various ankle widths. It also makes it a lot easier to slip into and out of your shoes for us lazy people who dislike tying and retying laces ;)

I'd also like to say I was really surprised but also extremely humbled by all the support I received when I posted my final look from my collection. I had the honor or being on the top of the Hot page on Lookbook for the entire day for the first time! I thought my eyes were deceiving me because I actually scrolled past my look when I went to check my notifications on my phone that morning xD The fact that I reached that goal with one of the garments I made, made the experience even more rewarding :) So thank you once more for making a Spring Break full of only APUSH and AP English work (I seriously only left the house once to go to the post office during the weekdays) a lot more memorable! I've also decided to start working on a major blog layout revamp which I will put into place after all my exams are over. I'm going to start posting larger photos while making the layout more minimalistic. Funny how in the beginning, I kept adding little gadgets and whatnot to my layout.. whereas now I'm trimming it back down to something very simple! I'm also hoping to integrate more of my illustrations into this new layout as well so I hope you guys will look forward to seeing it once it's done! <3


  1. Ah, love the maxi with the beanie! so cute.

  2. I love this look. The maxi is really pretty!! Ugh, I love beanies...I really need to find one... x___x need. beanie. haha. (: Amazing outfit!


  3. I love this entire outfit sooo much!! Slouchy beanie, off the shoulder knit, lightweight maxi, what isn't there to love? And you look gorgeous! Well you certainly got the best skirt! I have an obsession with button downs and tights so I'm always looking for unique patterns and silhouettes :) I buy my beanies from the mean section too! But only because for some reason.. they seem to be more sturdier haha, the ones I find in the girls' section are usually flimsy. Oh wow, I've never seen shoes with elastic banding! That's actually pretty clever. You look like a pretty mermaid in that sparkly skirt :)

  4. You have such amazing style. I love the sheer maxi skirt overlay! These are also lovely images and haha I know that awkward feeling when you go into the men's section to check out their stuff but what you get out of it is definitely worth it :)The beanie suits your long hair well xx

  5. wow that skirt is so amazing, the colors are so gorgeous! i love how you dressed it down though with the sweater and beanie :)


  6. You look stunning! I adore that skirt!

    xoxo, Laura

  7. that dress is amazing!

  8. You style the skirt amazingly! Just found you and your style blog thru Chictopia, and will start following you for sure! You have great talent in fashion sweetpie. Just cannot wait for your next style post!! :D

    Hugs and kiss kiss,

  9. Oh my, I just discovered your blog and I absolutely adore it! It's the epitome of perfection and your sense of style is absolutely impeccable! I look forward to seeing your future posts; have a lovely day xxx

  10. I didn't tell you in person but I really love this skirt, and The Last Airbender, that was one of the best shows of all time! I just love how shimmery and flowy the skirt is!

  11. Fabulous skirt!! :)

  12. That skirt is so beautiful, love the colours in it!

  13. That skirt is incredible. It's so lovely, I love Ohmyfrock! You have a seriously awesome blog, I love reading it, I love all the clothes you made. Lovely post!

  14. Love your looks <3 I'm a new follower


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