Monday, April 02, 2012

Cap: Target
T-Shirt Dress: c/o YourEyesLie
Lace Tights: Forever 21
Knee High Socks: c/o Club Couture
Shoes: Wt. Mountain

Today I'm wearing a landscape print t-shirt dress which was sent to me from Your Eyes Lie! This is a simple piece at first glance but upon further inspection, I find that I quite like the baseball-inspired sleeves and the deep U-cut in the back. Playing on with the baseball theme, I threw on a black cap because my head always feels naked without some type of headpiece... I added my grey lace tights to make the outfit more dynamic and to match with the grey in the mountains print. Lastly, I layered a new pair of black knee-high socks from Club Couture to counter with the black 3/4 sleeves :) 

Anyways, after two weeks away from my blog, I've been seriously dying to get back!! Those two weeks had been spent frantically preparing for our school's fashion show and although I worked right up to the day before the show, all the hours labored and sleep lost were more than worth it. I've got all the photos taken and I'll be posting them 5 in a row individually, and then I'll be doing one final cumulative post in addition with more details on the cost of materials, techniques, and time spent on each garment.

Now that the fashion show is done with, it is so refreshing to have all this extra time now. It's always been difficult for me to try to work efficiently between the logical frame of mind with my studies at school, verses the creative frame of mind with fashion design. My work desk was taken over by my sewing machine and serger; there were boxes of fabric everywhere, various sketches and notes all over the wall; pins and fabric scraps scattered all over the ground-- it was not very conducive to focusing on homework. Right after I came back from the fashion show, the first thing I did was do a massive cleaning of my room! Now all the sewing equipment has been cleared away in storage and my room must have increased twice by size! I no longer get a headache when I look at my room!

But for now until I finish editing the photos of my pieces, I have a video to share with you all, which my dad took for me at the fashion show! The song I used is Intro by The Xx. Enjoy!


  1. What a cute look! I love it! (: Hope the fashion show went well!! ^__^


    1. Thanks Theresa! The show went so well; very excited to post pictures this weekend ^^

  2. i love photographic prints! this looks really cute.. :) looks like it went well, yay!

    1. Thank you Steph! It did! :3 Hope you'll enjoy the pics when I post them this weekend!

  3. Wow, just like a sexy jokey :)
    Very cool look dear!

  4. That dress is amazing!

  5. That dress is amazing! Love your outfit!

    xoxo, Laura

  6. beautiful dress and styling!
    i love your photos, they're stunning! (if you don't mind me asking, what type of camera body/lens do you have? thanks!)

    i'm a new follower :)

    1. Aww thanks Jessica! And no I don't mind at all; I have the Nikon D3000 and I use the 50mm f1.8 lens! I would have preferred to have bought a Canon camera instead though (mainly because Canon lenses are a lot cheaper than Nikon lenses) but my Nikon works good enough for me! :) <3

  7. lovelovelove that dress xx


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