Friday, May 04, 2012

Lace-Back Dress: c/o ShopAkira
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Cut Out Cuffs: Forever 21
Wedges: Colin Stuart

Last night, or should I say, technically this morning, I finally saw THE AVENGERS!! My friends and I have been waiting to see this movie ever since we found out they would be making it and it was definitely worth the 3 hours of sleep I got today ;D The midnight premiere was so much fun because there were a ton of people who dressed up and everyone in our theater was so friendly and crazy about Marvel! To the theater, I wore the actual Iron Man costume I put together for Halloween, which you can see here. Then to continue on with the festive Marvel mood, today I wore my new red dress from Akira, and paired it with my set of gold arm cuffs for an Iron Man inspired look! :)

This dress has a lot of details that I love: the side cut outs, the tulip high-low maxi skirt, and best of all, the lace up back! This is a dress that is stunning without being overly revealing. Yes there are side cut-outs, but they are balanced out by the round neckline that does not sit too low. The skin revealed in the lace-up detailing is also balanced with the long length of the back of the high-low skirt! This dress even has a red bandage skirt lining inside for modesty so you don't have to worry too much about unfortunate gusts of wind. A great feature about the lace-up back is the ability to adjust it to various body shapes, whether you have a smaller or larger bust or waist, you can tie the laces tighter or looser to match your own measurements. Pretty genius in my opinion! I also added some additional links above to other similar dresses you can find on Akira; there's a turquoise one, a coral one, and a navy blue one!

Anyways, if you haven't seen The Avengers yet, get off the computer right now and go!! Aside from my RDJ bias that every movie he is in deserves an 11/10, the humor in this movie is incredibly well paced. It's not forced at all which is what makes it absolutely hilarious. I normally just find myself chuckling during the funny parts in movies but I kept bursting out laughing! In addition, despite the fact that many critics thought the movie would turn into a mess because of there being too many main characters, it was far from that. Every person had a key role in the movie and they all bounced off of each other equally. I can't rave enough about this movie. I even like it better than Sherlock Holmes ;)


  1. Gosh you look so stunning in this outfit! Love it. And the Halloween costume you wore was soo cute! ♥

    AVENGERS, FTW!!!! I honestly wanted to become a superhero after watching the movie haha!

  2. Sooo pretty. Your dress is gorgeoussss <3
    I love those cuffs too!

  3. wow, the dress is amazing and looks even more amazing with those bracelets! Great choice darling.

  4. Beautiful dress ! You're so pretty

  5. You look so so good with this colour!!! The dress is beautiful <3

  6. that dress is SO GORGEOUS. i love the back and the side cutouts and of COURSE the high low hem. not too mention it's red! There is so much going on that I love on that dress :) Awesome backs are a staple for me this spring and summer. Haven't seen the avengers yet but I'll have to get on that :D

  7. That dress is gorgeous! You look amazing!
    xoxo, Laura

  8. What a gorgeous dress!! I love the cutouts and the hemline. It's a really pretty color as well! (:


  9. you have such great style and this dress looks perfect on! :D

  10. This dress paired with those cuffs is stunning, so freaking stunning! And ohmygosh, how drool-worthy isn't the Avengers?

  11. wow! that dress is so gorgeous and I love those cuffs! Can't believe they're from Forever 21-I'm going to have to go there soon haha :)

  12. Gorgeous dress - you are absolutely amazing. full of inspirations and sick styles xo
    I'm in love with your blog and I'm following now<3

  13. Love your dress!

  14. The high-low/mullet look has really become trendy as of late among skirts and dresses. The combination of this red (or coral?) and the golden arm accessories make this look fabulous. These sandals are lovely as well. You look like a goddess here. Your long hair is gorgeous to compliment everything, making you look even more like a goddess.

  15. I have to get those cuffs! Very darling outfit.


  16. I love your blog. I think we should follow each other -

    Much Love


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