Friday, June 29, 2012

Target Cap, Skull Spikes Necklace c/o Romwe, Harley Davidson Tee c/o Choies, H&M Chiffon Maxi Skirt

I don't really know what to call this look except that if I were a stylish pick up truck driver, this is what I would be wearing! I love the baseball cap trend that has come into play right now; it's definitely something I will continue to sport even after the trend dies down. They add the perfect touch of grunge to my outfits. Plus, when I went to the beach last week, my scalp actually got sunburned (such are the problems of having very dark colored hair); which by the way is not fun and I will never go to the beach without a hat again. Nonetheless, I am paranoid about it happening again in the summertime so that is another reason I have been really into hats lately!

This necklace from Romwe has two of my favorite things: skulls and spikes! :D I think this necklace in particular will look even better when it's worn with a collar, don't you think? I also cut the sleeves off of this Harley Davidson tee, but I've been doing that to a lot of my t-shirts lately. It's a great way to make a  baggy t-shirt appear more form-fitting. 

I also am working on an upcoming post on how I take and edit my outfit photos so stay tuned ;)


Thursday, June 28, 2012

Wide Brim Hat c/o Oasap, Skull Blouse c/o AX Paris, Red High-Waisted Shorts c/o Choies, Vintage Leather Booties

I really can't decide if this outfit is leaning more towards the "pirate" or "cowboy" direction... perhaps this is how I would dress if I were a pirate-cowboy hybrid... either way, I love the combination of the black top and red shorts because I can counter it with my dark hair and red lips! :) Speaking of skulls, I've been very obsessed with them and all my artwork lately has been inspired by various parts of the human skeleton. I started a new piece of art today in chalk pastel and the objective of this piece is to practice neutral color theory and abstract art. At first, I felt like this would be a piece I just did to get the practice but after it went through a couple different stages, I got it to a version I really love and will gladly put in my portfolio! I've never done any abstract art pieces before so it was a little out of my comfort zone but I'm happy with where it's at right now :)

Going back to my outfit, my John Proctor inspired hat came in the mail!!! I don't recall if the specific actor who played him in the film version of The Crucible actually wore this hat but I'm definitely getting vibes from the style of dress during that time period. I'm also imagining all the Iron Man inspired outfits that can be put together with these red shorts ^^ I really can't wait for the third movie to come out! And once again I managed to find some way to make this post RDJ related...


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Hi guys! I'm very excited to announce today that I've been chosen as one of the three Chictopia Style Icons for July! :D Part of being a Style Icon is you get to receive 2,000 chic points and $100 to spend in the Chictopia shops! The cool thing about Chictopia is that the points you earn from posting looks, commenting on other looks etc. can be used to redeem rewards. They have really nice rewards too; I saw a pair of galaxy leggings up for redemption recently!

Chictopia actually just redid their site a few days ago so you should check it out if you haven't already done so, or make an account if you don't have one yet! You guys can find my profile here and add me as a friend on Chictopia if you'd like!

I'm not sure what I'll spend my store credit on for sure yet but some of the things I really like right now are the Vintage Rainbow Pastel Duster, Triangle Hand Chain, and Rainbow Titanium Quartz Ring. Thank you for picking me as one of the July Style Icons, Chictopia! <3

I even found a screenshot I took of one of my recent looks being featured on Chictopia's old homepage (because I get really excited about these things, okay? xD)


Monday, June 25, 2012

Navy Blue Beanie from eBay, Moon & Star Necklace from eBay, Spiked Headband c/o Oasap, Navy Blue Chiffon Romper c/o AX Paris

My mom hates all my beanies hahaha and she also thinks I'm crazy when I wear them in the summer!! But I personally don't put on a beanie, even in the winter, to keep my head warm because 1. I have a lot of hair to keep my head warm, and 2. I never pull the beanie down low enough to actually keep heat in. I almost wore my spiked headband as a necklace today but then I decided to try it around my beanie for fun and it actually looked quite cool! Plus the headband stops my beanie from falling off my head which is another plus :) The chiffon romper is from AX Paris; as you can see, I am taking a break from wearing all-black! I've never owned a romper before but this one looks more like a dress which is why I chose it! It's nice not to worry about unfortunate gusts of wind or having to constantly re-adjust a dress if it's on the shorter side. The neckline of this romper is actually a deep-V but I used a safety pin to keep the neckline more modest.

I called this look "Sleepwalking" because the hat reminds me of one of those sleeping caps! The moon and star necklace also evokes the idea of night time. I might just be too overworked right now though x.x Trying to take this week to settle down and get reorganized with everything. Even though it's summer, all this portfolio work is just as hectic as school work, although much more enjoyable! I finished my oil pastel fruit bowl today. I love drawing fruits now but I actually despise drawing flowers... unless they're dead. That was my cynical musing of the day for ya'll. >:D

PS: Sugarlips picked me at their Blogger of the Week this week and I am quite honored :) They were one of my first sponsors! I'm always glad to work with them! They featured me in their newsletter, banner ad, and an interview on their blog which you can read here. And if you scroll down and look at the Sponsors section of the right sidebar, you'll see me in their ad this week! ^^


Friday, June 22, 2012

Mesh Sleeve Dress c/o Sugarlips, Acid Wash Denim Vest c/o Romwe, Forever 21 Belt, Striped Tights c/o Oasap, Leopard Print Creepers c/o Oasap

I'm getting a very grungy and Greaser-esque vibe from today's outfit! I recently have become obsessed with fishnets, fueling my adoration for this mesh sleeved dress from Sugarlips! Sometimes we have garments that are uncomfortable because the seams rub up against our skin but this dress from the Sugarlips "Seamless" collection really does live up to its name! There are no seams in the body of the dress at all; it feels just like a glove. If you want something less dark, you can also get the dress in red or white!

These are my first pair of creepers too; I've been trying to stay away from heels to give my feet a break and creepers were the perfect alternative. They look difficult to walk in but one you get the hang of it, you don't even notice the platform. Plus creepers look great with skinny pants! (A look I will be glad to try out myself when the weather cools off)

In my art classes, I just finished up an abstract tree drawing with cool colors for the tree and warm colors for the background, which was done with chalk pastels. I'm not liking chalk pastels that much (for the moment at least) because my hands keep smudging everything and I can't be as messy with it as oil pastels (which I love). I moved on to drawing a still life in oil pastel of a bowl of fruit. I've been struggling with letting go and using more sketchy lines and freer strokes because the only previous drawing training I had (in Fashion Illustration) conditioned me to avoid sketchy lines at all costs and to draw a single, bold line. But I believe that this fruit bowl drawing is helping me make a smooth transition! I will try to take pictures of my new self portrait, oil pastel cat, and abstract tree tomorrow to show you guys next time!

But for now, if you had not already seen this on my twitter, here is a picture of the chinchilla drawing I did using black and white charcoal for my dad for Father's Day! The drawing appears too light on the right side because my lamp was shining on the paper from that direction, but in real life, the values are more balanced ;) Hope you like it! I think he looks quite fluffy.


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Hey guys! I actually meant to do an outfit post tonight but I have to review my sophomore year Drivers Ed study guides so I can retake my permit test tomorrow since it expired months ago -.- I never really cared that much about getting my license then because I didn't have an immediate need for it. But I want to take care of it this summer. The thing is, I'm more of an introverted person so I prefer staying home to read, draw, sleep, or work on my blog. But after my test, I'll be going to the beach and sleeping over at a friend's house for her 17th birthday. Then Thursday, I have a full day of art classes. Friday, I'll be taking my senior pictures and working on stuff for the side project that I'm doing with Olivia. Saturday, I also have another full day of art classes. I suddenly have the busy, social life I never had during junior year! Hahaha! ;) I'll be gone for a few days but I want to launch this giveaway beforehand.

Moving on, I was recently asked to work with Mad Lady who has just launched their first clothing line this very week! I picked out a pair of the galaxy leggings they have for sale and I'm really happy to have finally tracked down a pair of the red and purple galaxy leggings! Those things are so elusive! Whenever I found them for sale online, they were always sold out. -.- So you can imagine my delight when I saw that Mad Lady had them in their new catalog :D 

I really hope you guys enjoy the giveaways on my blog! I apologize for clumping all these giveaways together at one time (but perhaps some of you guys really don't mind it at all xD), so I'll pay attention to space them out more evenly in the future, but I would like to set this one up now since Mad Lady's clothing line was just launched this week and I want to help get the word out for them! (Plus, one of my best friends is actually an intern there so of course I want to support her too ;) [Fun fact: She even got to model all the clothes for the stock photos; how cool is that?]

Thanks for reading! Have a lovely week everyone! <3
For more detailed views of the leggings:


Monday, June 18, 2012

H&M Mustard Beanie, Draped Back Dress (worn as top) c/o LOVE, Striped Skinny Jean c/o Motel Rocks, H&M Sneakers

These pants from Motel Rocks remind me so much of Beetlejuice; perfect for my current obsession with all things ghostly and Halloween themed. The vertical stripes streamline your body while also accentuating your curves in the right areas. I definitely prefer vertical stripes over horizontal stripes :)

Here I've worn my LOVE dress as a top again; I think I may decide to hem it into a top to get rid of the bulk at the bottom. I can wear it more often this way! I love open back tops for the summer because they are so loose and airy, yet also classy (given that you balance out an open back with a conservative neckline in front, and don't show too much leg!)


I also have one pair of the Jordan Skinny Jean in the Pink and White Stripes in size Small to giveaway to one of my readers! This giveaway is open only in the US. I'm going to do this giveaway a little differently. All I ask is that you:

1. Follow this blog via GFC or bloglovin

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2. Leave me a blog post comment on "What you would like to see more of on this blog" (i.e. Types of posts, topics I should blog about etc.)

*Make sure to include your email address on the blog post comment!*

Thanks so much guys and good luck in the giveaway! Giveaway ends on Monday, June 25th.
The winner will be contacted via email :)


Saturday, June 16, 2012

Cloud Print Top c/o Sheinside, Forever 21 Belt, Spiked Headband (worn as bracelet) c/o Oasap

In this outfit, I'm wearing a bat-sleeved cloud print shirt from Sheinside! At first, I belted it to add shape but it was long enough on me that I could wear it as a dress. To add volume and a slight gradient effect, I wore my fuchsia H&M skirt underneath to make the dress poofy and give it a pink tinge on the bottom half :) I also am wearing a new moon and star necklace which I ordered off of eBay for $7 and my spiked headband as a bracelet. 

I spent most of today at the art studio working on my first oil pastel drawing which is of a cat! It doesn't sound that exciting but I'm very pleased with it and glad to be learning more of the basic techniques of art since I never took actual art classes, only classes in fashion. Today is the day that I have 3 classes at the studio, so I was there for the majority of the day :P I thought it would be a lot to take 8 classes a week but judging by the fact that on my off-days, I'm just at home lazing around, I think I may increase the load to 11 classes each week so I can get work done faster. If anyone who reads my blog is planning to prepare an art portfolio (even if you're not a rising senior like me), heed my advice and get started on it right now, whether it be on your own or through outside classes. Even if you're going into fashion, if you plan to apply to an art school that has other majors other than fashion, you should be prepared to present a fine arts portfolio, especially if the schools you are interested in require a foundation year (and even more so if you want/need a scholarship). I've been told by some of my readers that they appreciate my school/college ramblings so hopefully this is helpful to those who are curious!


Thursday, June 14, 2012

Forever 21 Fedora, Cross Chain Ear Cuffs c/o Romwe, DIY Studded Collar, Retro Print Dress c/o Romwe

After posting two softer looks, I'm happy to post another dark look! This dress reminds me of a mysterious potion maker or wizard! Inspired by Wednesday Addams, I wore my collar with this dark dress, and to add to the dark allure, I wore my black fedora hat. Lastly, I finished the look off with my new cross chain ear cuffs which I am rather obsessed with. You may have noticed that I never wear earrings, which is due to the fact that I don't have my ears pierced, so ear cuffs are the perfect alternative for me. Not to mention, I've been looking for more jewelry with mini crosses.

Speaking of ear cuffs, one of my readers, Jessica, had contacted me about organizing a giveaway for one of the ear cuffs which her sister, Nicole, makes herself! I thought it would be fitting to set up this giveaway with my upcoming ear cuff post so here you guys are! Follow the instructions on the widget below and don't forget to check out Luna Fox Jewelry on Etsy to see all of the ear cuffs Nicole has made! :) There are cuffs that require a piercing but also cuffs that can just hang over your ear like the ones I have!


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

DIY Studded Collar, Peach Pleat Dress c/o LOVE, Forever 21 Cuffs, Colin Stuart Wedges

Today would have been a rather simple day if it weren't for the arrival of our Sherlock Holmes 2 DVD!! As we drove back home after a doctor's appointment, we saw a UPS truck pulling out of the neighborhood. We knew that was it! Lo and behold, there was a package from Amazon waiting in front of our door :) It was a moment to be remembered...

Here, I am wearing a pleated dress also from LOVE. This dress is very airy and breathable, perfect for braving it out in 90 degree weather! Even for fall, I can see myself throwing a white button up shirt and sweater over it and having the dress peek out as a skirt. I accessorized with my collar (you can easily make one by cutting up the collar from any old shirt, preferably a men's shirt since they have structure in the collar) and my cut-out cuffs from Forever 21, one of my favorite finds there!

In my art class, I've currently been practicing the basics of drawing eyes, noses, and lips. My very first assignment upon entering the class was to draw a preliminary self portrait, but now that I've been working on refining my technique, I am now working on a final self portrait and all I can say is that the improvement is unbelievable! I can't even believe that I drew it myself... Once I'm done, I'll be happy to share it with you guys!

3 days left to enter the LOVE giveaway for any dress of your choice, so don't forget to enter if you haven't done so already!


Monday, June 11, 2012

Tan Bowler Hat c/o Romwe, H&M Swan Shirt, Inka Skirt c/o Love of Eos, Colin Stuart Wedges

I am proud to say that I finally made it through my junior year of highschool! As one of my best friends would put it, "it's like getting released from a 10 month prison sentence!" I am done worrying about SATs and ACTs, finals and APs (atleast until senior year). :) For these next few months, I get to shift my focus towards my art portfolio. I started taking weekly classes there 3 weeks ago but now I'll be taking 8 classes per week (some days I have 2 or 3 classes; do not worry, I can count!). At home, I'll also be working on my drawing skills on my own as well as putting together a new collection, which I'll hopefully have time to execute this summer. I have some summer reading assignments for AP Lit and APES next year but at least for English, I'll get to write my research paper on, you guessed it, Sherlock Holmes! (Speaking of which, the DVD comes out tomorrow!!!) Lastly, I'm very excited to be working on a side project with one of my best friends whom I met through Lookbook, Olivia, which we hope to get going during this summer. I don't want to say much yet as we are still in the developmental stage but once the details are worked out, I can share more about it :)

For the first outfit post of the summer, I feel that this look is very fitting. It reminds me of vacation and going on a road trip! Ironically, I will hardly leave the house this summer but being able to sleep in everyday is enough for me to consider it vacation! :P I picked out this tan bowler from Romwe to contrast with my dark hair because almost all my hats are black and tend to blend in. The swan shirt is a favorite of mine which I should wear more often, and the aztec skirt from Love of Eos, is one of the comfiest pieces I own. It's stretchy without being too thin; it feels like it's hugging your curves but it's not suffocating either. For someone who tends to find pants uncomfortable, this skirt is the equivalent of my pair of sweats.

PS: Don't forget to enter my LOVE giveaway! I'll be able to update a lot more now that I'm on vacation so thank you guys for reading and see you again soon! <3


Friday, June 01, 2012

In the past, I would only buy garments with prints or bold colors but as of late, I've become more appreciative of simplicity accented by cut and silhouette. The front of this dress looks like a basic flowy, shift dress. I'd normally pass these dresses by as I'm shopping but what really caught my eye was the deep, draped back! Same goes for the skirt; I'd probably flip past it on the rack if it was just another black maxi skirt, but the long fringe makes the garment so much more dynamic! I can admit that because of my habit of passing by more simple pieces, I actually lack basics in my closet (I'm working on remedying this though)! It goes to say that sometimes, less really is more.

This outfit is actually composed of a chiffon, shift-style dress that has been tucked into a fringe maxi skirt, so don't be mistaken that it's one piece! ;) I've always liked garments with exposed backs but the drape back is even more perfect for summer, especially if you hate that humid, clingy feeling of fabric in hot weather!

I've also been featured in the street style section of the June 2012 issue of NeverLazy Magazine so don't forget to check it out here! <3
LOVE is also sponsoring a giveaway on my blog for this dress, or any other dress you like from their website! If you want something a little brighter, you can find this dress in orange or watermelon pink as well! To enter this giveaway, follow the rules on the widget below: