Thursday, June 28, 2012

Wide Brim Hat c/o Oasap, Skull Blouse c/o AX Paris, Red High-Waisted Shorts c/o Choies, Vintage Leather Booties

I really can't decide if this outfit is leaning more towards the "pirate" or "cowboy" direction... perhaps this is how I would dress if I were a pirate-cowboy hybrid... either way, I love the combination of the black top and red shorts because I can counter it with my dark hair and red lips! :) Speaking of skulls, I've been very obsessed with them and all my artwork lately has been inspired by various parts of the human skeleton. I started a new piece of art today in chalk pastel and the objective of this piece is to practice neutral color theory and abstract art. At first, I felt like this would be a piece I just did to get the practice but after it went through a couple different stages, I got it to a version I really love and will gladly put in my portfolio! I've never done any abstract art pieces before so it was a little out of my comfort zone but I'm happy with where it's at right now :)

Going back to my outfit, my John Proctor inspired hat came in the mail!!! I don't recall if the specific actor who played him in the film version of The Crucible actually wore this hat but I'm definitely getting vibes from the style of dress during that time period. I'm also imagining all the Iron Man inspired outfits that can be put together with these red shorts ^^ I really can't wait for the third movie to come out! And once again I managed to find some way to make this post RDJ related...


  1. Another cool look! :)

  2. That top is SO you! I always look forward to seeing your one else has a style like you do! A lot of bloggers are the same following all the trends blahblahblah but you have like this dark, edgy look that is trendy but original at the same time...i SERIOUSLY lovee it!!! :D
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    Oasap Double giveaway (two giveaways in ONE post!)!!

  3. THAT TOP dear lord! i love it love it!
    you're fab
    cheers! xx

  4. OhMyGod!! You are only 16?!?! You are freaking gorgeous!!
    Love your blog so so much! Most likely on my Top 5!
    I'm so jealous how you can pull off hats... and pretty much everything else.. <3

    With love,

  5. Gorgeous outfit! That top is amazing!

  6. I love black and red together :)

  7. Your blog is becoming my number one place for inspiration - the more I see, the more I fall in love with your style I become :]]
    Love this simple yet edgy outfit, fabulous top.

  8. I love the shorts and hat!! actually the whole outfit ! I wish I could wear shorts right now but its winter where I am :(

    xx vacantdays

  9. Love your style! And your hair is so amazing! Is it hair extensions right? but look amazing, i want my hair like yours!
    I'm following you!

  10. stunning outfit :) love the shirt and the hat!

  11. amazing outfit! i love the shirt with the red shorts x

  12. great hat!

  13. ANOTHER TOTALLY COOL LOOK. *O* An epic battle between pirates and cowboys just manifested itself into the form of this outfit.. (wait... what... o-o did that even make sense.. okay. whatever. i'm going with it..) I love the shorts. The color is awesome. Love the black and red together.
    AND GURRRRRRRRL. obsezzed. lol<3


  14. omg john proctor hat I love it! oh you and your morbid skeletal obsession ;) I love this outfit!


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