Friday, June 22, 2012

Mesh Sleeve Dress c/o Sugarlips, Acid Wash Denim Vest c/o Romwe, Forever 21 Belt, Striped Tights c/o Oasap, Leopard Print Creepers c/o Oasap

I'm getting a very grungy and Greaser-esque vibe from today's outfit! I recently have become obsessed with fishnets, fueling my adoration for this mesh sleeved dress from Sugarlips! Sometimes we have garments that are uncomfortable because the seams rub up against our skin but this dress from the Sugarlips "Seamless" collection really does live up to its name! There are no seams in the body of the dress at all; it feels just like a glove. If you want something less dark, you can also get the dress in red or white!

These are my first pair of creepers too; I've been trying to stay away from heels to give my feet a break and creepers were the perfect alternative. They look difficult to walk in but one you get the hang of it, you don't even notice the platform. Plus creepers look great with skinny pants! (A look I will be glad to try out myself when the weather cools off)

In my art classes, I just finished up an abstract tree drawing with cool colors for the tree and warm colors for the background, which was done with chalk pastels. I'm not liking chalk pastels that much (for the moment at least) because my hands keep smudging everything and I can't be as messy with it as oil pastels (which I love). I moved on to drawing a still life in oil pastel of a bowl of fruit. I've been struggling with letting go and using more sketchy lines and freer strokes because the only previous drawing training I had (in Fashion Illustration) conditioned me to avoid sketchy lines at all costs and to draw a single, bold line. But I believe that this fruit bowl drawing is helping me make a smooth transition! I will try to take pictures of my new self portrait, oil pastel cat, and abstract tree tomorrow to show you guys next time!

But for now, if you had not already seen this on my twitter, here is a picture of the chinchilla drawing I did using black and white charcoal for my dad for Father's Day! The drawing appears too light on the right side because my lamp was shining on the paper from that direction, but in real life, the values are more balanced ;) Hope you like it! I think he looks quite fluffy.


  1. Love your outfit as always! Stunning dress! Also your drawing of the chinchilla is so adorable and yes it looks so so fluffy and cute! I love how you got the lighting right and it's texture!

  2. Oh i love you, I'v been ogling at these shoes for a long time! So should I order the size I usually wear? And they are comfy, aren't they? (Too bad, I'm sure on me they will look not a quarter as good as on you...) Stunning outfit btw!

  3. Really only now getting your first creepers? I think with your edgy & grungy type of style creepers would be a must have :] I am also getting obsession with them, and these look pretty neat, I might buy them, love the leopard print detail :]
    Anyways really like your outfit and overall look, and looking forward to see your art :]]

  4. this outfit is so inspirational! i love it

    just found your blog and am your newest follower xx


  5. oh yeah photo cred! i like the outsiders reference in the title :) I can't wait to see the tree, it sounds really interesting from what you've told me about it, haha!

  6. You look sooooo cool!! I am in love with those creepers!!! *O* Love the mesh sleeves and denim vest! ^__^ Totez lovin' the grunge on you, girl! haha


  7. cool style!! great pics!!


  8. Obsessed, you make this dress look sick. Great look and great style.


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