Monday, June 25, 2012

Navy Blue Beanie from eBay, Moon & Star Necklace from eBay, Spiked Headband c/o Oasap, Navy Blue Chiffon Romper c/o AX Paris

My mom hates all my beanies hahaha and she also thinks I'm crazy when I wear them in the summer!! But I personally don't put on a beanie, even in the winter, to keep my head warm because 1. I have a lot of hair to keep my head warm, and 2. I never pull the beanie down low enough to actually keep heat in. I almost wore my spiked headband as a necklace today but then I decided to try it around my beanie for fun and it actually looked quite cool! Plus the headband stops my beanie from falling off my head which is another plus :) The chiffon romper is from AX Paris; as you can see, I am taking a break from wearing all-black! I've never owned a romper before but this one looks more like a dress which is why I chose it! It's nice not to worry about unfortunate gusts of wind or having to constantly re-adjust a dress if it's on the shorter side. The neckline of this romper is actually a deep-V but I used a safety pin to keep the neckline more modest.

I called this look "Sleepwalking" because the hat reminds me of one of those sleeping caps! The moon and star necklace also evokes the idea of night time. I might just be too overworked right now though x.x Trying to take this week to settle down and get reorganized with everything. Even though it's summer, all this portfolio work is just as hectic as school work, although much more enjoyable! I finished my oil pastel fruit bowl today. I love drawing fruits now but I actually despise drawing flowers... unless they're dead. That was my cynical musing of the day for ya'll. >:D

PS: Sugarlips picked me at their Blogger of the Week this week and I am quite honored :) They were one of my first sponsors! I'm always glad to work with them! They featured me in their newsletter, banner ad, and an interview on their blog which you can read here. And if you scroll down and look at the Sponsors section of the right sidebar, you'll see me in their ad this week! ^^


  1. love the spiked headband across the beanie. not sure i champion the beanie-in-summer movement either, but it looks great here!

  2. it looks so cool, the combination of the romper and the headband is great!

    <3 Becky

  3. gorgeous! and so proud of you, again, for being blogger of the week!

  4. Looking fab! Love those spiked details! :)

  5. I LOVE beanies *O* I want more.. but it's summer... and... well, it's kinda hard to find beanies in the summer. haha I think putting the spiked headband over the beanie is genius! It looks so cool! (: Love the romper too! Awesome outfit~


  6. i love this look!

  7. nice dress and booties

  8. that was such a good idea to put your headband around your beanie before reading what you wrote I almost complimented you on putting spikes on the beanie, because I've been meaning to do that myself! seriously for being so young you have such a stunning gift for fashion. I was looking at your lookbook and the pieces you made yourself are awesome.


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