Friday, July 06, 2012

Chiffon Asymmetrical Dress c/o Oasap, Forever 21 Cut-Out Bangles, Wt. Mountain Booties

This dress reminds me so much of a ghost! What I love best about this piece is that it feeds my current haunting and witchy obsessions, but it's not black! ;) It was originally meant to be loose fitting but with a small safety pin, I gathered the fabric at my waist to make the dress fitted. I didn't want to overdo this look but it felt too plain without any accessories so I added my trusty cutout bangles. They are the perfect touch of minimalism while also evoking a "goddess" like feel in the outfit.

I took these photos with my remote and tripod, in case you guys didn't see the remote in my hand :P I feel like my frustration with my camera today is showing through in the second photo but it was a great shot of the garment so I had to keep it in the post. By the way, I'm still working on putting together a photo tutorial so thanks to all of you who suggested that! If you have any other ideas for future posts, please let me know :) 


  1. that dress is stunning! I really like the last pic, could be from a movie or an ad :) I know how you feel, I have some cam problems as well and that is getting on my nervs! Your accessories really suit the look <3

  2. omg jennifer, you look really stunning here!!! <3

    The Damsel in a Dress

  3. simply beautiful!


  4. wow, you are so pretty!!

  5. Amazing outfit! You're so gorgeous and your style is the same :)

    Giveaway happening on my blog!

  6. That dress is amazing! <3

  7. OMG. This has to be my favorite look of yours so far!!!! I love it! The dress is beautiful, and you look absolutely gorgeous~ (:


  8. Lovely dress! Your bangles are all so bad ass!!

    xx, alexia in the meantime

  9. Love your dress so much! You look so stunning. Sexy classy but still beauty
    I am following you dear, hope we can follow each others.

  10. lovely photos! the dress is really lovely

  11. The bangles are wonderful, best accessory for bare arms indeed. Hope you've had a pleasant weekend! xx

  12. You look so chic! I'm sorry i didn't write you on LB:( I'll do it soon!
    I have a new blog, I hope you'll like it!

  13. It looks amazing with your long hair! <3
    Great set!

  14. why are you so pretty o__o
    i love your hair, by the way!
    its so long and adjasdjasd, i want it!

    anyways, you deserve all the success that you've been getting!
    you have an amazing blog!
    just following you recently and i seriously went through all your outfit posts

    omg, youre amazing :)

    xx [ aphrodite blue ]


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