Sunday, July 15, 2012

A dressier but nonetheless simple and comfortable look for Saturday :) I was really attracted to this dress because of the beautiful lace texture and the way the lace was wrapped around the body of the garment, as if they were lace bandages for a mummy! You guys never see me wearing bags in my outfit posts because I'm extremely picky about purses! But there happens to be this one purse that I'm particularly in love with right now @_@ I like bags that are small and can be worn across the body; I don't like heavy bags that weigh down only one shoulder, especially when I'm shopping. Which reminds me, I really do need a small purse like this right now because I have a habit of holding my phone in my hand while I shop (because I didn't have any pockets or a bag) and it slipped out of my hand in H&M recently and the screen shattered. Don't be like me! ;-;

And you might have also noticed my rad new hair clip!! It's so creepy and unusual (it was also a great deal, 2 for $5 on eBay). I feel like it would look really good on Helena Bonham Carter too! She is my style muse. I love her hair in particular but also her whole look and personality in general. I don't think there is a better match than her and Tim Burton!


  1. That dress looks so pretty! And the hair clip is pretty cool. <3

  2. Your shoes are SO AWESOME and so is your hairclip! Oh and the dress, whoaaa I love the whole look!

  3. Your dress is really gorgeous! I also love the hair clip so much that I am going to buy a great bargain, thanks for sharing it! haha :)

  4. The dress is so gorgeous and you're so skinny and beautiful!

  5. the dress is so pretty, love the nude lace detail!
    Krissy xoxo

  6. SO COOL. The hair clip! *O* I really like the dress~ They go perfectly with your spiked litas! :D


  7. WHOA the clip is so cool! I love the spooky look :) Your style is so cool! And that dress is amaaazing :)
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  8. You always look so dreamy! The dress is so pretty and I love how your paired it with the skeleton hair clip.

    Carmen Ri.

  9. wow i love that hair clip!


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  10. Hey Darling!
    I just found your! It's so amazing!
    Love your outfits so hard!

    Huge hugs

  11. Original, Unique, Creative & Beautiful As Always(:


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