Wednesday, August 22, 2012

North Face Beanie, Moon & Star Pendant from eBay, Vintage Shimmery Dress c/o Shoppalu, Lock & Key Belt c/o Romwe, Forever 21 Cuffs, White Mountain Booties

Today, I'm wearing a vintage dress from Shoppalu! I have an obsession with sparkly fabrics :) You can also see my other sparkly maxi skirt in this post too! I thought the shimmery fabric looked very space age so I went with that theme and wore my moon and star necklace and my sci-fi, gauntlet-like cuffs! My sister is also reading Ender's Game right now in her Honors English class which seemed like the perfect title for this look.

So I still need to update you guys on my second day of school (it's the third day now). Yesterday, I had AP Comp Gov and Fashion 3. I really like my history teacher because he's a very lively person which will make me much more attentive during the morning; plus, HE HAS SO MANY COOL SKULL (models) IN HIS ROOM! He has a human skull model on his desk, and a full skeleton model in the corner of the room. He also has a cabinet full of other various animal skulls and such! The bathroom pass is even an elk skull... :P 

In my Fashion class, the Level 2s and up are going to start planning the theme proposals for the annual school fashion show. This is my third year and I'm not too sure what I'll come up with but the first year, I did a Storybook/Fairytale inspired theme, and last year, I did a Tim Burton inspired theme. I'll also be starting on my pieces for the fashion show early this year, and it will definitely have a huge grunge and Halloween influence, but I want to make sure it still has that more romantic and lovely touch. I'll wear anything witchy even if it looks costume-y but I think it's also important to keep in mind that your designs would have to sell with consumers. You guys will get to see the collection at the end of March! ;) You can see last year's collection here, if you are curious as well. Have a nice day everyone! <3

PS: Romwe is also holding another Summer Clearance sale starting this Friday, August 24th to August 31st, with discounts up to 60% off! If you spend $70, you also get another 15% off too! Might be a good time to pick up some cute pieces for fall and winter :)


  1. Love this look! Having large gold accessories definitely brings this outfit attention as a whole. Keep up the wonderful work.

    Keithlane R.


  2. Jennifer!!!
    I feel like it has been absolutely FOREVER since I've left a comment on your blog. Sorry to completely disappear on you like that! :)

    Ender's Game. I remember reading that book a few years ago! At first, I thought that the concept of it was kind of weird but as I thought about it more, I became more and more fascinated. Science fiction is hard to wrap your brain around but when you understand it, it's pretty cool stuff!
    But back to your outfit!

    I love love love sparkly things but unfortunately have yet to on anything super sparkly. This dress that you're wearing is soooo purty. All the sparkles on it make it so happy and amazing but the very simple cut keeps things classy and not too over the top.

    Ooooh that's so cool that your history teacher is so into skulls.
    It seems like you two could get along pretty well :)

    I can't wait to hear more about your designs for this year!!

    Have an awesome day (and an awesome week of school)!!

    The Ace of Hearts

  3. I cannot wait to see what you create! I loved your last collection, you're really talented! I wish I could do stuff like that, seriously. Loving your cuffs, and the shimmery dress is so pretty~~

    xx maggie

  4. Absolutely loving anything with sparkles right now and this is perfect. I had a look at your collection and I must say your are very talented xx

  5. LOVE the dress, i have so many sparkly things at the moment! xx


  6. This dress is awesome, love the styling. Looking forward to hearing more about that fashion show! x

  7. I love those bracelets, you look perfect.

  8. you look amazing. cant wait to see your new collection!!! <3


  9. I like your styl you look really amazing. Good lucky in school :p


  10. LOVE LOVE LOVE your arm bling. So gorgeous


  11. as if those cuffs are F21 they are soo awesome!

  12. those arm cuffs are stellar!


  13. gorgeous look. So put together but still edgy.


  14. i love ender's game, it's one of my favourite books :)

  15. really loving your dark goth looks! the arm bracelet duals are so cool, almost like if wonderwoman was a bit goth, this is what she'd wear! :D Btw, I've recently begged a very provoking question on my blog that whether or not you think men are emasculated if they were to wear platform shoes, do you agree?

    xx nathan.niche

  16. So beautiful dress!!!^^


  17. Great outfit! Love the dress and the cut!



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