Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Bracelet from New HOPE (See below for more info)
Wide Brim Hat c/o Oasap, Vintage Cross Choker, Vintage Crayon Deco Maxi c/o Shoppalu, Vintage Black and Gold Bracelets, Yellow Handmade Bracelet c/o New HOPE Bracelets (Who donates all profits to struggling non-profit organizations)

Today was our pre-back to school day where we picked up our schedules, turned in forms, and took school pictures! I'm slightly upset that I actually took a good school photo but it's not even going in the yearbook because we have our senior portraits in there instead. But since it would be the first time I saw everyone since junior year ended, I made sure I had on a good pre-first day outfit! ;) I wore this vintage colorful, zig-zagged maxi dress which is from Shoppalu, and the fit is perfect, it falls nicely on the body, and the colors and print are bold without being too blatantly bold.

I am also wearing a really cool, new piece of jewelry today: this handmade yellow, rhinestone bracelet from New HOPE Bracelets. They are a small company that has just started up and their goal is to help keep other struggling non-profit organizations running (by donating all profits they make), because many of them are not receiving enough donations to sufficiently fund the organization :( The first organization they plan to donate the profits to is World Harvest. The bracelets are very affordable too; the prices are from $7-10. They are custom made so you can pick the length, color of the string, and color of the beads. I think that the bracelets are so lovely and made very well; they are a great price and they go to a good cause. I definitely encourage my readers to buy one for themselves! They'd make perfect presents for your friends too so I might buy some for small Christmas gifts! I picked out the yellow one above but they were so kind to send me another blue one which I gave to my little sister and she's been wearing it ever since :) Also, the package came with a Nemo stamp so you can't really beat that either!!!


  1. woahhh super love your maxy dress! and you're soooo pretty <3

  2. that's a really nice dress, you look great, as always!

  3. You look gorgeous in this maxi dress!

    xoxo, dreamstrap.blogspot.com

  4. Love that dress, it looks great on you ! Xx


  5. omg! absolutely love this. stunning <3

  6. lovin the fab accessories and awesome blog header

  7. Jennifer, this is a lovely maxi dress along with a cool hat. Your gloriously long hair is also charming. Great outfit!


  8. Indeed a very cool dress and look! those bracelets are truly beautiful! :D

    xx nathan.niche

  9. Awesome dress!!! :D Those bracelets are so pretty~ ^_______^ Hope senior year treats you well :D WHOOT. SENIOOOORRRSSS


  10. Gorgeous maxi and bracelet!
    You look lovely dear(:

    Found you through Fashion, Trends, & More!
    I'm your newest follower.
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    Please publicly follow if you like it!

    -XO Abbigayle Rashae

  11. The dress is gorgeous, I love the mesh detailing.

    Carmen Ri.

  12. Oh My Lord love this Look! you have a stunning blog! Now following you! Would love if you checked me out!


  13. I love this dress, there is something about it that looks really vintagey, which I love :) and that bracelet is cool, the company sounds nice :)

  14. This is a super gorgeous outfit. The dress really suits you. Also, those bracelets are adorable. I may have to order 10.


  15. AMAZING AS ALWAYS MY DEAR! oh no did you geht my email?

  16. Hi Jennifer! Love this dress(: My registration day is coming up soon too =( Ahhh those bracelets are so pretty(:
    Oh! And I have an blog award for you on my blog(: Hope you can go check it out<3



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