Saturday, September 22, 2012

Smythe Blazers: 1, 2, 3

These two films are serving as my fall fashion inspiration this season! Produced for Smythe's Fall 2012 collection, I really identified with the mood and the way the clothing is meticulously styled. Smythe describes their brand as ' "something quintessentially “autumn” but also very “Canadian”. [To show] the breadth of a strong and beautiful woman.' "

Chopping down wood and gutting a fish never looked so stylish, am I right? I thought it was absolutely genius to style the blazer, especially the plaid one in the first video, with the long gown and beanie! The mixing of the grungy elements with the elegance of a long gown goes together like a match made in heaven. Blazers, beanies, and long dresses/skirts are a combo that I will definitely embrace this fall and winter. This look will keep you warm, without having to sacrifice style when it gets chillier and all you want to do is bundle up in a puffy jacket.

To show you how I would personally style the beanie, blazer, and long dress/skirt combo, I chose my favorite plaid blazers from Smythe as well as the gorgeous red one with the sharp lapel detailing. Perhaps you already have a blazer that would be perfect sitting in the bottom of your closet somewhere, or maybe now you have an idea of what kind of blazers you'll be looking for this season. Either way, I hope you are similarly inspired!

For this look, I went with plaid on plaid, but kept the top and bottom within the same color palette to help the prints mesh more seamlessly. I added burgundy accessories for a pop of color, and the beanie and combat boots helped create that rugged feel. Lastly, I finished the look with a leather backpack, and long leather gloves inspired by the elegance of opera gloves.

For look number two, I was inspired by the icy blue shade of the blazer and how that reminded me of Cinderella. I paired the jacket with a dark blue chiffon dress, but wanted to add white accessories to keep the look on the lighter side. To compliment the gold chain in the purse, I found this cute moon and star necklace, which is another reference to Cinderella and the ball at midnight.

For this last look, I decided to pair the blazer with a chiffon dress in the same shade as the lapel and pocket flap. To add some more intrigue, I wanted to incorporate a print by adding the black floral boots.  The outfit started to remind me of a whimsical, garden-party theme, so I added this quirky necklace to match.

Which one of these 3 looks is your favorite? Tell me in the comments! <3


  1. i'm absolutely obsessed with floral docs. so the outfit with those is my fave :)

  2. omg, i love this! I love all the looks!


  3. Outfit 2! Love the pop of white, so striking :)

  4. I like the Smythe Peaked Lapel Blazer! The color and style is just awesome. :)


  5. omg love love love these looks! i so want to try this now! ill have to get out my maxi skirt and blazer!
    my fav is the first one :)


    ♥ Ellen

  6. I love all of those looks & will be attempting & I have a purple maxi skirt too?


  7. seriously i love the top banner

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  8. Love these! My favorite has to be the last set~~ The floral docs are just amazing *O*


  9. I love the first look so much! The plaid skirt especially!



  10. the coolest outfits!! I love the third one! xx


  11. I love the first look! *w*


  12. the first and third! all great looks and I like the beanies

  13. I love the autumn auras of the videos, the shots they used look so nice. I always love good close ups :) i love the outfits you chose, can't wait to see you rocking stuff like this :)

  14. i love the fall inspiration photos and videos~ It makes me look forward to halloween so much!!


  15. great fall inspiration! :)
    my must have color for fall is burgundy, definitely! :))

    i just find your blog, dear, and i thinks it's an amazing. you have great style. love it. <3
    hope you check out my blog, and if you want, we can to follow each other (gfc,bloglovin,facebook)? just tell me, and i'll return you soon.
    a lot of kisses <3 <3 <3

  16. Beautiful styling...thank you sharing! A Fall favorite for sure.

    ~ Heather ~

  17. loveee the skirt, so unique <3

    this is so random, but was it you at ikea the other day?
    i saw someone like you ;p



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