Sunday, September 09, 2012

One year ago, September 5th, 2012 marked the day I first started this blog! I never expected it to grow so quickly and to receive so much support from you all! I'm truly grateful and very humbled by all the feedback and love. Thank you so much everyone! <3

I made my first blog post the day I got my 50 mm lens for my 16th birthday, which basically had test photos from the lens, and soon after, my first outfit post. Initially, I started out taking most of the photos on my own using my tripod and remote, but now my sister is always so kind to help me out. (She does get lots of free stuff that I no longer want in my closet though! :P) It's also been very interesting to see the way my style has evolved. I used to have a very bohemian, gypsy-like taste, and now my style is a lot edgier and darker.

Some of my favorite old looks!
For the first few months, I only used Lookbook as my outside platform. Eventually, I joined What I Wear and Chictopia as well. By the end of 2012, I hit 100 blog followers and now one year later, I can't believe there's 700+ of you guys! Even with Lookbook, my goal was to earn 2000 fans after one year, and now the 7900+ fans also astonish me. 

The growth was not overnight though; of course, there are users on Lookbook who shoot up to the Hot page within their first few looks, but it took me 5 or 6 months until one of my looks ended up there. Then in April, my following shot up extremely rapidly after I posted the looks of the collection I designed for the school fashion show. Imagine my surprise when I woke up to see that my brown lace dress had become the top look on the Hot page! I actually scrolled past it because I didn't think it would be in that spot! xD It was the first time that had ever happened to me and I was elated that it occurred with one of my own designs.

My Spring 2012 collection for the school fashion show.
From posting on What I Wear, I won the first photo contest they held in February and the first place prize was an iPad 2, which I gave to my mom, and she bought me the JC Lita Spikes in exchange :3 This July, I was even selected as one of the three Chictopia Style Icons for that month!

I started getting contacted about sponsors in January 2012, and some of the first sponsors that I worked with were Oasap, ShopSosie, and Sugarlips but in time, as my following grew, I eventually started working with Romwe, Motel Rocks and ShopAkira. More recently, I worked with Lulus, Shoppalu, and In Love With Fashion... but never in my wildest dreams would I imagine I'd have the chance to work with my favorite store of all time, Wasteland! This would have to be the holy grail opportunity of them all. @_@ I still think I'm dreaming about this one in particular!

Looking back in retrospect, it's crazy the things that can happen in only one year, and even more unbelievable how the original whim of starting a fashion blog can grow into something like a part time job for me now. As I look forward into the future with my blog, I'm only excited about the opportunities that await and the wonderful people I will get to meet! And of course, come spring time next year, I'll find out if all my hard work paid off and see if I get to fulfill my dream of going to school on the east coast to study Fashion Design. As always, I'll constantly be keeping you guys updated! :)

Lots of love to all of you,


PS: Any suggestions for other posts you'd like me to do, let me know in the comments! It's also my 17th birthday this coming Thursday! <3


  1. Congratulations for your blog and for your sucess.
    I´m a fashion student and I have to say that i´m enjoying a lot, so I hope you can become one.

    Kisses from Lisbon, and I can´t wait to see your next blog post.

    Pauline :)

  2. daww im so happy for you jennifer<3 youre amazing and you so deserve this :D congratulation you beautiful girl!!! youre an inspiration to so many people including myself :D love you xxxxx

    It inspires me to keep on with my blog.
    Did you design the clothes for your fashion show on school?

    Happy Birthday!! (I'll probably forget to give you happy b-day on the right day, so I'm giving you today)


  4. congrats on making it through your first year! i remember liking your outfits and photography and stories a lot and was even more impressed with your own design collection. you're so full of potential and passion, jennifer. you're inspiring! to a happy early 17th birthday and many more years of blogging fabulously to come

    pandaphilia style

  5. AHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Honestly I don't know what I'd do if you didn't blog (that sounds very lame but it's true...you're my favorite haha!) you are so inspiring and your style is so different from mine in SUCH an awesome way. I love it! It's been a great year and you've deserved the immense growth you've had! Love that your own designed clothing are the ones that sky-rocketed you into successs :) :) :) Those were when I first found you on the homepage of Chictopia!!!! :) :)
    Congrats again, Jennifer!!! You are so inspiring! And hey we're only a month apart in age even though you're a senior! I'll be 17 on Oct 11 :)

  6. I think its so amazing how much you have accomplished in one year.


  7. Congrats on all of this!!! (: You definitely accomplished a lot within the past year! I only hope for your blog to grow infinitely more~~ You're a wonderful blogger! ^__^ <3


  8. Congrats Jennifer on your blogging achievements, keep on keepin on! x

  9. Those designs are flawless. I'm so happy for you, Jennifer :)

  10. Woww you totally deserve it :)
    It has been a crazy one year huh?
    Beautiful designs!

    ♡ candace from [ aphrodite blue ]

  11. Happy birthday to you...happy birthday to you...HAPPY BIRTHDAY dear Art in Our Blood...happy birthday to YOU!!<3
    Congratulations Jennifer on your lovely blog reaching 1 year old!
    That's quite a milestone my dear :)

    Even though I haven't been following for that entire year, I like to think of myself as a dedicated follower of yours! It's been a pleasure seeing your multitude of outfits and getting to know you better. While our styles may differ, I love learning from you and getting tons and tons of inspiration!
    Your edginess is always lovely to see and you're such a beautiful and sweet girl.
    It's hard to believe that your blog has come this far in only a single year.
    Your style has evolved and you've evolved. That's pretty cool man.

    Here's to many more days of amazing blogging and wonderfully styled outfits Jennifer!
    I can't wait to watch you become a star <3

    Love ya girl <3 <3

    P.S. I hope I remember to come back and wish you a happy birthday on Thursday. Otherwise, HAPPY EARLY 17TH BIRTHDAY! Keep rocking and being cool and wonderful :)

  12. Omg you seriously have AMAZING designs! i only joined your blog about a month ago so i had no idea you do fashion design! your so talented! i want to study fashion design abroad in italy! you have great style too, keep up the great work!


  13. Wow, you're so lucky to have been so successful, I've been on lookbook since Jan and I'm still averaging below the 200's -_- Oh well, you're such a big inspiration to me and I wish you a very happy birthday!! <3

  14. Happy birthday "Art in our blood"! :D

    The Celebrity Look

  15. You deserve the succes, defintely! I love your style, your blog and how you kept being down to earth though you are kind of "famous" now. Keep it up, you're so inspiring <3 Kisses!

  16. Congratz Jennifer! I really love your style and how you write blog posts! You deserve this!!

  17. wowie! Congrats :D

    Jenny / Rocknrollerr.com

  18. Congratulations on the 1 year anniversary of your blog :) Having only followed you recently, I really love the style you have, and I do see, from the pictures, how your current style has evolved! I'm really looking forward to your outfit posts! :D

  19. congrats on your success, keep up the awesome photos!

    Hybid Hunter | Win some sunglasses in my giveaway!


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