Thursday, September 06, 2012

H&M Beanie, Spiked Headband c/o Oasap, Papaya Plaid Dress, Forever 21 Belt, Jeffrey Campbell x Wasteland Coltranes c/o Wasteland

What I love about this outfit is that this dress is from like 6th grade, and I had picked it out for a piano recital but I never touched it for like 7 years until today! Always a good feeling when you rediscover old pieces in your closet. It's a cute dress you can wear on it's own or you can throw a vintage t-shirt or sweater over it so it peeks out like a skirt.

I'm also sporting this "spiked beanie" which is really just my spiked headband over my black beanie, but I like that it's an unexpected combination! If you can't decide which headpiece to go with, you can just wear both at the same time ;) And of course, I've got on my new favorite shoes, the red Coltrane boots!!! I like the quirky yet rock and roll feel of them. They really are super comfortable and they make any outfit look 10x better! 

Have a great end of the week guys, I personally can't wait for tomorrow! I'm seeing The Avengers for the third time (no shame) on Friday night! I know that Marvel does this to get more money out of suckers like me but whatever! Take all of my money, Marvel!!


  1. The Avengers is back in theaters?? cooooool

  2. Oh I love marvel movies... I saw the avengers a week ago and I'm thinking about watching tonight hehe it's so good : ) ps u look amazing

    1. YEAH you should definitely watch it again!! :) And thanks so much Amanda <3

  3. CAN NOT GET OVER YOUR BOOTS. UGH UGH UGH. x____x I want them. I can see why they're your new favorite!!!! Love the whole vibe of this look~ (: Another great outfit!



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