Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Red Round Sunglasses c/o Oasap, Red Mesh Sleeve Dress c/o Sugarlips, Red High-Low Skirt c/o Romwe, White Mountain Booties

I like to describe this look as the best possible marriage between elegance and grunge. I love mesh, and when I found out Sugarlips made the mesh sleeve bandage dress I had in black, in red, I was immediately drawn to it! Red is a color that brings to mind formal wear so I knew I wanted to somehow bridge the gap between the roughness of the mesh with the elegance of this classic color. I pulled down the neckline (it's stretchy) so it would rest as an off-the-shoulder dress, a common cut of formal gowns. Even the detailing of the mesh begins to evoke the intricacy of red lace! 

Next, I added my chiffon, high-low skirt from Romwe to add some flowiness to the look. Finally, I thought it couldn't hurt to throw on some red sunglasses seeing as I was fully embracing the color! To add a contrast and rougher feel to the look, I chose to wear my lace up booties. It also provided a nice compliment to my darker hair amidst the monochromatic look. Hope you like this outfit! I definitely enjoyed the challenge of putting it together!

I also want to let you guys know about Romwe's Back to School giveaway! There's a winner everyday, and the prize is a schoolbag with over $200 of Romwe merchandise inside! It ends on September 18th and is open worldwide. You can enter and view the rules here. Good luck! :)

And yes, depending on when you are reading this, September 13th is my birthday! But I have a different look planned for that day! ;) I'm finally seventeen!


  1. I love when people wholeheartedly dive into colors. I am kind of shy when it comes to color, but I'm trying to branch out. I find your style really inspiring.

  2. That has to be the most beautiful dress in the world!! Xx

  3. You look absolutely stunning in these photos! (: I love the red on you!!! Elegant and grunge are perfect words to describe this look! ^__^


  4. Loving this great mix! <3

  5. I love how the combination of the two pieces make it look like a dress! :)

  6. i adore the all-red look on you! don't think i could pull it off myself :/
    and can i just say, i love how all your photos turn out, like the lighting? it's perfect! what time do you normally shoot?
    xoxo from Austria

  7. When I first saw the photo, I thought it was a dress! Love the mesh top, it looks really good with your skirt!

  8. Love all the red!

  9. I love how you picked a colour and wore it all over. So cool!!

  10. lovely photos! :) i love your blog, i'm gonna follow you :)

  11. Love the all red ensemble! Fiesty! :)


  12. LOVE this all red look! Definitely one of your best, girl...but then again, I'm pretty sure I say that a lot :P
    Really though, red is YOUR color. Looks so fab with your dark hair! I remember the mesh dress in black from when you were sugarlips blogger of the week, and i gotta say i think i like this one better! Good choice to pull it down over your shoulder...sexaayyy momma ;)
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN!!! <3 <3 <3
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