Thursday, September 27, 2012

Spiked Headband c/o Oasap, Purple Gothic Bodysuit c/o Motel Rocks, Sparkly Maxi Skirt c/o Oh My Frock

If you were getting the vibe that today's look was inspired by an evil mermaid, then you were correct! Well, even though Ursula is actually a "sea witch," I'm also okay with that title! I kept having the urge to style this bodysuit with all black but I wanted to get away from the black for this look. When I have trouble coming up with unique outfits, I like to go the route of envisioning a character I might want to embody. Instead of worrying as much about whether the colors or patterns match, it redirects my focus into constructing a look that accurately represents the character serving as my inspiration.

Since this bodysuit's gothic pattern reminded me of sea shells on the bust and had the architectural intricacy of a palace building, I wanted to do a look inspired by mermaids! But the purple is on the darker side, which is why I looked towards Ursula, instead of Ariel. I have this perfect sparkly maxi skirt that's made out of sparkly fabric which really glistens in direct sunlight and in addition, the glistening blue color looks a lot like a waterfall. To finish the look, I selected this spiked headband as it looked a lot like an evil crown!

I think these photos might just be the best set of outfit photos I've taken up to date. I'm so happy with the final product! :) I hope you guys like the photos too! <3


  1. what a gorgeous Ursula! the skirt is magnificent!

  2. wonderful idea :) and the look turned out just like you described.

  3. insane .. i love anything sparkly and this maxi has me falling in love! stunning xx

  4. I love how you use characters as inspiration for your outfits! The skirt looks amazing with the bodysuit!

  5. You look amazing! <3


  6. love that bodysuit! absolutely gorgeous!
    amazing skirt!
    Krissy xoxo

  7. love this outfit on you. so gorgeous!


  8. this is such a wonderful outfit. It is really different from what you usually wear and I love it :)


  9. woooww you are so pretty!Little mermaid <3 Im following you,love your blog soo much!

  10. wow, so so so great, love the combo and this spiked headband is awesome !!!

  11. hi...
    wow...you look sooooo great..
    love the sun on the pics...the hair shines soooo beautiful....love the skirt....

  12. gorgeous outfit! the top and skirt are both so beautiful!

    Hayley xx


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