Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Gold Collar Necklace c/o Oasap, Marbled Maxi Dress c/o Sugarlips, Forever 21 Cutout Cuff, White Mountain Booties

Marble print is quite underrated in my opinion! I only have one marbled bodycon dress from H&M so I was glad to see that Sugarlips had a marbled maxi dress! <3 This dress also comes with a slit, which helps make it even more romantic and elegant; yet the print is appropriate for both day and night. I feel like this look is very tropical and "vacation ready," two things that I wish could become reality right now.

I don't like the colder seasons that much because my muscles tense up easily which makes it harder for me to focus and do work because I'm so uncomfortable :( Most people prefer the fall and winter, but I find it frustrating when I have to pile on the sweaters and coats when I just want to wear a dress for example, on it's own. Plus, the sun sets so quickly in the winter! ;-;

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  1. You look absolutely gorgeous!!!! (: That dress is so incredibly flattering on you. Stunning! ^__^
    I don't like how the sun sets so quickly in the fall either. ): I like my sunlight.


  2. This dress is stunning, and you accessorized it SO well. The gold touches are perfect. And that slit is bangin'!



  3. love the last pic of you walking! you look like a goddess!

  4. wowww gorgeous!

    Laura x

  5. This outfit is gorgeous! You are so beautiful! I am so glad to have come across your blog – I am now following you. Your blog is incredible, darling.

    xoxo, Meera

  6. Love the accessories you have on, especially the necklace! Yes, I do agree, that during winter it is rather hard to wear dresses especially on freezing cold days!

  7. you're so gorgeous :) love how you paired the accessories w/the dress

    steph x

  8. Beautiful <3

  9. The dress is so dreamy, I love the slit!

    Carmen Ri.

  10. I am exactly the same!! I really don't like cold weather but I live in England so all I have is cold weather :(
    I really love the print on this dress. It is so abstract!

  11. Lovely look and pics!
    We follow you! Take a look at our blog!
    Kisses from Spain <3

  12. gorgeous dress you look amazing in it!

    Hayley xx

  13. That dress is absolutely AMAZING! I love the marbled design and the slit up the side. Your hair looks sooo good too. I think I always comment on your hair :P IT ALWAYS LOOKS SO GOOD! <3
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  14. Wow, it's stunning.. You are stunning.. It's all very stunning!! :)

  15. Very beautiful : styles, photos, blog !


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