Friday, November 09, 2012

Target Cap, Lace Bralette c/o Chicnova, Floral Bomber Jacket c/o Vivilli, Black Skater Skirt c/o Romwe, Black Keds

I like to describe this look as sporty-romantic! This jacket from Vivilli caught my attention because of the picturesque, watercolor print! The print had a romantic vibe so I decided to style it with my lace bralette and high-waisted skirt, but kept it sporty by accessorizing with the cap and my black Keds (haven't worn those in a while!)

I took these photos with my tripod and remote today! I also bet you weren't expecting that smiling photo of me either! ;) The reason I don't smile in my photos is because it's more difficult to get a good smiling photo that isn't awkward vs a good photo with a neutral facial expression. I normally don't bother with trying to smile so I can take my photos as quickly as possible but I felt happy about the 3 day weekend so that's why I tried this time! I consider myself rather cheerful in person so I hope it's not too weird to see me smiling! xD

I also wanted to show you guys what I picked out for November from Romwe today! I've been loving crushed velvet as of late, and hot pink is my favorite color so I'm excited to do a possibly 80's and Material Girl inspired look with those leggings! I chose the cardigan because I don't have anything tribal print in my closet and also because it looked really good on my friend Ashlei, from Faltering Bird! :) The black pleather corset will be a good basic to have as well that will be easy to mix and match when I'm in a rush to get ready for school. And this burgundy pleather skirt complimented the corset so well and the color is different from most pleather items I've seen for sale at the mall so I had to get it too. If you want to buy any of them for yourself, there are links below!


  1. I love this outfit on you! :)


  2. Lovely skirt! You've got beautiful hair !♥


  3. You have a beautiful smile! Love!

  4. Amazing look! I ordered pink velvet leggings from Romwe too :)

  5. your smile! i really wasnt expecting it haha but you should definitely smile more in your pictures, it's really pretty :)XX

  6. I love the bomber jacket! It looks great with the black skirt and bralette! How lucky you are to have a 3 day weekend haha :)

  7. That is such a fantastic jacket! The print is killing me! O.O

  8. That pleather skirt is so fierce and that tribal print cardigan looks so comfortable! I love your Romwe picks as well as this outfit - your jacket is really pretty!

    Love, Fatima fashionpilgrim
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    Instagram: @fashionpilgrim

  9. super love this outfit :)


  10. So glad to see you actually smiling, you're adorable! And that jacket is awesome :-)

  11. This look is awesome. you look gorgeous! <3
    and your smile is adorable. you are freakin' beautiful!

    I love your picks - I am so exited to see outfits containing those pieces <3


  12. I like the play on words in your title. hehe. (: You look adorable! I love the mix of sporty and romantic styles in this outfit!


  13. Loveee that jacket, especially on you!! And the pleather outfit is adorable, just styled a pleather outfit on my blog this week too :)


  14. Your outfit is amazing!! And yes, I was surprised to see you smiling and I knew you would write something about it. It strange you said you were a smiley person because I didn't really imagine you to be, I do imagine you to be really nice!! Just not super smiley haha!!

    Anyway enough of you smile, Gorgeous combo, I think I never would have teamed this up myself and it works soo well!!

  15. Love the jacket! xx


  16. OOOOO I LOVE the tribal print sweater thing! Can't wait to see how you style that. And dayum girl...that lace corset looks banging on you! I love the way you kept it all black and then put the jacket over top for a pop of fun. And that last pic is so adorable!!! HURRAY FOR SMILING :)

  17. Ahhh what a lovely jacket! So throwback and so modern all at the same time! And love how you paired it with the lace! You just nailed sexy and modest all at the same time.


  18. this outfit is brilliant!!! i wanted to comment on this earlier in the week to tell you how amazing it was! i'm sure you are busy, but i'm looking forward to seeing your next post! kina reminds me of the 90's when we all used to play pogs! yes,where are your slammers ;)

  19. In love with the whole outfit! That jacket is lovely.

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  20. yay you are so unique and fresh. Love it x

  21. love your original look - such great outfits all the time. New follower :)

  22. OMG, love the black Keds ;-)


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