Thursday, December 06, 2012

Vintage Gypsy Vest, Vintage Cross Necklace, Faux Leather Bustier c/o Romwe, High-Waisted Corset Shorts c/o Lulu's, Vintage Beaded Purse, White Mountain Booties

My mom gave me this vest a long time ago (also worn in this look) and I wanted to dig it out from my closet again! I got this leather bustier top from Romwe as it was long overdue that I start adding more basic tops to my wardrobe. I love bustier tops because they add the perfect romantic touch to your look, and they are super easy to pair with shorts, skirts, and pants, when you don't have time to try on different options!

This outfit reminded me a lot of the gypsy woman, Sim, from Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, (and I just really wanted the title to be Sherlock Holmes related) so that is how this look got its name! It's gypsy-inspired, yet also tough with the leather and black, and romantic with the sweetheart neckline and corset detailing. This vest, necklace, and purse, are all items from my mom's closet too!!

I'm also happy because I was voted "Best Style" for my senior class this year, along with my stylish friend Wade! They always choose one girl and one boy for each of the categories, and me and Wade are going to coordinate our outfits for the yearbook photos tomorrow! We are planning to dress in an "Excessively Tropical" theme. I'll be wearing my Motel Rocks "Mirrored Island" dress and he will be wearing his Versace for H&M t-shirt! Can't wait to share pictures of our outfits! :)


  1. Wow, love the vintage looking vest with the edgy corset and high waisted shorts! Very unique look.
    Also, it's a no-brainer you'd win best dressed :) You always look so amazingly stylish!
    Can't wait to see this photo of you two

    Trendy Teal

  2. Congrats on winning best style! It's no surprise haha. Can't wait to see your photos! <3


  3. i love the floral tapestry vest! so pretty!
    aww that's cute winning the best style! ^^~

  4. Congratulations on being voted Best style! I like the corset shorts here, the detailing looks great! :D

  5. Wow, the black top is beautiful!! <3


  6. incredible!!! you're so beautiful!


  7. AHH YOU TOTALLY DESERVE BEST STYLE. Love it. This outfit is so perfect. I love the vest. the corset shorts are completely amazing. (:


  8. Love your look...love the pose.......... ;love the black....... they work for you soooo well......
    You’re so chic! So pretty…and you have such a great sense of style.
    Love your legs in the sheer tights and wonderful high waisted corset shorts......I must get those....…… ……You match perfectly…everything you wear…… Adorable, as you are!
    Perfect balance. And your hair is over the top lovely......... I've always worn my hair almost as long myself........just wish mine could look as gorgeous as yours...... when I was a little boy my mom grew my baby curls to my waist.... I miss having my hair that long after wearing it that way into my teens.... I envy you for your beautiful tresses
    I grew up in tights, being in ballet for 13 years. In fact, mom raised me rather androgynously, so I also wore tights under big sweaters and hip length tunics and such around the house growing up. Your lovely look reminds me of all those days….epsecially when the delivery man would come and I’d meet him at the door and he’s refer to me as Miss……
    Oh, by the way, I’m a guy…and I love fashion as much as I love dance.
    I’m traveling in Europe this fall,
    It looks like you have the same affinity for tights as I have…..

    I’ve been raving to my new friends about how much I love the tights/shorts look, so they encouraged me to try it myself…
    and I have in a big way,….. denim cutoffs, high waisted shorts, even a romper…….
    I will following your blog religiously….. thanks for sharing your lovely taste and your beauty

  9. The leather vest has to be my favorite piece in this outfit! Moms has the best style!



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