Thursday, December 27, 2012

DIY Flower Crown, Gold Antler Necklace c/o Merrin & Gussy, Mint Floral Applique Blazer c/o Lulu's, Forever 21 Mint Maxi, Set of Infinity Rings c/o Goodnight Macaroon

There's been in a lot of black in my past few outfits so it's a breath of fresh air for me to do this mint, monochromatic look! I got this blazer in the mail from Lulu's and I immediately fell in love with it because of the beautiful mint color and appliques which give it such an unusual yet organic feel. It was literally calling out to be paired with this mint maxi dress from Forever 21! I accessorized with my flower crown and antler necklace to add some more earthy elements, and these infinity rings from Goodnight Macaroon for the finishing touch. I'm obsessed with these little rings (as is my sister, so I let her have the silver one); they are dainty but you can wear them with anything!

I'm devoting these 2 weeks off from school to finally finishing college apps once and for all!!! Last night, I finished filling out all the basic information online for my applications but I still have a couple pieces I need to start and finish for both my fine arts and fashion design portfolios, as well as most of the pieces of writing. Well, here's to hoping I can finish everything this break because after our vacation ends, National Portfolio Day will be creeping up in less than 2 weeks! o.o


  1. Good luck on finishing those college apps. I totally understand how tedious they are.

    I love the monochrome mint look. Mint is such a lovely color. You look like an "Atlantis" princess.


  2. so pretty!!! love the pastel mintt

  3. awesome look! You have a really distinct style that I really love :D followed your blog :) I've also done those college apps for fashion design, but am going to study that in the uk :P What are your selections for college? Hope you may get in to the best ones :D Look forward to seeing more blog posts from you!

    If you have time, mind visiting my tumblr and blogspot? Would really appreciate it even though there probably will be loads of comments here, haha!

  4. Good luck with finishing all your pieces and applications.
    I am loving this look. It really looks gorgeous on you.

    x Mariana |

  5. OHMYGOD JEN. I LOVE THIS!!! Mint is one of my favourite colours. They're just so pretty. And your hair. Ahhhh! Mermaid hair haha. <3

  6. you look absolutely amazing!:O i love your dress and hair<3

  7. amazing dress !!

  8. shit,this si so awesome!!! good luck <3

  9. Aaah you are so gorgeous! I'm very jealous of your hair - i've been trying to grow mine for years but it doesn't seem to get as long! You always look flawless. Do you think you will be showing us any more of your own sewing projects again soon? I loved your last collection.
    -Kate, xo (
    P.S, congrats on reaching 1000 followers!

  10. aww, suppa cute <3
    beautiful :)
    xo, Ana Rita

  11. Love you outfit!
    You look so cute.

    P.S.: I'm giving away 2 cute bracelets on my blog, you should go check it out!

  12. gorgeous outfit!

    Hayley xx

  13. gorgeous look! I need to get out of my all-black rut too. good luck with your college apps, it feels so good once they're finished! :)
    Rebecca @

  14. amazing photos! I need this flower crown, it's great

  15. That dress is simply gorgeouuuusss!! I love the color and the way it looks on you! :D

  16. You, lovely, are the prettiest girl I have ever seen. You are incredibly beautiful. I am totally serious.

    1. Oh, I have just seen you have reached 1000 followers! you deserve this definitely, and I think your blog will grow and will be super famous. I have told you before! <33

  17. You look so elegant in this outfit! The colour looks great on you! Good luck with those college apps :)

  18. YOUR photos are the most gorgeous thing ever! You look so much like a mermaid.

  19. Good luck with apps!!! >__< I still need to finish my scholarship essays. Aghhhh.
    You look absolutely stunning here! (: I love the monochromatic look!

  20. This look is very pretty! Love how you've put it together. =)


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