Thursday, December 13, 2012

DIY Collar, Helping Hands Collar Tips c/o Merrin & Gussy, H&M Black Coat, Dark Green Chiffon Dress c/o LOVE, Lock & Key Belt c/o Romwe, Long Faux Leather Gloves c/o Oasap, Target Knit Tights, White Mountain Booties

So... this look wasn't initially supposed to be inspired by a certain god known as Loki Laufeyson, but it happened on accident (I swear). I did notice slight Loki inspiration as I accessorized the dress with gold accents, however, I wasn't consciously trying to mimic his attire. But once I tossed on the long black coat so I could stay warm at school, there was no turning back! I dare say that I am burdened with the glorious purpose of dressing like this snazzy fellow without even trying! If you haven't watched The Avengers, I imagine the previous sentence sounded rather odd in your head. Those of you who have will probably see the resemblance of this look to the outfit Loki wore at the fancy party when he was walking down the stairs.

I did not make these gifs; they were taken from this source
I really adore this dress from LOVE! The color is the perfect shade of Loki-green, and I love the way the chiffon falls on the body. It actually has a peephole/slit in the bust as you can see in the stock photo here, but the dress ended up being a bit loose in the bust on me so the slit didn't fall on the right place. This was easily solved by turning the dress backwards though since the front and back sides are pretty much identical except for the slit! I also received this dress in burgundy red, so they are perfect for the Christmas season!! <3 I can't wait to wear these gloves with more outfits too; I love collecting gloves, especially long ones that go over your elbow, as they keep you warm and look really elegant with dresses!

PS: You can use the coupon code: artinourblood25 at LOVE to get 25% off on full priced items with a minimum purchase of £30 (Approx. $50 USD) valid until February 1, 2013!


  1. so beautiful <3

    *following* :)

    xo, Ana Rita

  2. You look amazing & love the collar tips! :-)

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  3. So gorgeous! And I like how you called that part in the movie as "the fancy part", haha!

  4. amazing!

  5. This outfit is amazing , u re looking great!

  6. So awesome and Loki-like! ^^

  7. You are an angel! Your hair is simply incredible. Love this outfit.

    cheers~ catherine

  8. Love this look so much! Especilly the color of your dress!

  9. UGH DAMN. How do you do this so perfectly? You are too good, girl. ♥

  10. I just found your blog on Lookbook and I am so glad that I did because you have amazing style!

  11. This outfit is perfect. SO PERFECT. I love it. (: I am so gonna try to recreate this look!


  12. That dress looks amazing and....basically i want your hair. You always look FLAWLESS my friend! :)

  13. Love this outfit so much! I never know how to wear long gloves, but you pull it off so well :)

  14. wow, amazing look! love your dress <3

  15. You are one of my favorite fashion bloggers! I love the Helping Hands collar- I saw it on tumblr & was wondering where the hell to find it! Thanks for posting it!

    Stay inspiring & motivational. I am currently in a neck brace from a car accident and CANNOT WAIT to dress cute again.

    Also, if you have time- please check out & follow me at:


  16. Such a beautiful look. And your hair! <3 In love.
    Sana Yasmin xx

  17. I LOVE this outfit! Loki inspired outfits are so interesting to me, and this is especially cute and subtle. Very nice.

  18. I like how you've added the collar to the dress! I love your character inspired outfits haha :D

  19. Adorable look, I adore the collar!
    Really nice DIY!
    I came here thanks to La Saloperie post, Awesome!


  20. HELLO DEAR ... <3
    I just arrived in your blog, davveroMAGNIFIC! Perfect Outfit! and you're beautiful
    I would be really happy if you would to follow each other ... let me know <3


  21. I love your style, and would kill for your hair.

    A cheeky plug for my Australian beauty box giveaway.

  22. You look perfect! Not dissimilar to Loki ;)

    x Gi

  23. I saw you on Motel Rocks blog and I'm glad I came to your blog. Your style is pretty dope! 1,000th follower woot, woot! I look forward to your posts.


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