Saturday, December 22, 2012

Thought I'd share some of the things on my Christmas wishlist this year! Most of it is stuff that would actually be rather practical but I never gave in to purchasing because of the price. Well, what better time to treat one's self than having survived first semester of senior year with straight A's?! ;-; You can bet I breathed a huge sigh of relief and it felt like all the weight on my shoulders had been suddenly lifted! Those last few weeks of first semester were rough; combine the typical senioritis with getting really sick and you have a person with very high blood pressure for the time being! Now even though it's pouring outside, it sure feels like the sun is shining and the birds are chirping! Well, happy holidays everyone and I hope anyone else who just had final exams got the grades they wanted! <3

From top left, clockwise:

1. Iron Man Mark IV Arc Reactor Necklace - I don't feel like this needs an explanation coming from me.

2. Nasty Gal White Bustier - I've been needing a set of well-fitted, basic bustier tops as they go with everything :)

3. Nasty Gal Black Bustier (Sold Out, alternate here) - Have to buy em both in black and white!

4. Wasteland Spiked iPhone Case - My phone case broke again, but I've just kept on using it. I dropped my phone and the screen cracked a few months ago, so I bet these spikes will help me keep a better grip too!

5. Wasteland Studded Purse - I NEVER buy bags; the one I'm using right now is a half broken one that I borrowed from my sister. This one's perfect because it's small, has a long strap, and reminds me a lot of the Alexander Wang Coco Duffel bag!

6. Animal Clothes Hanger - You can't deny that this is hilarious!!!

7. Test Tube Flower Vases - Reminds me of Sherlock Holmes AND it's pretty! (RDJ and BBC Holmes are pretty too though)

8. Steve Madden Nude Ankle Strap Heels - I really love the minimalist cut of those black Zara sandals you've been seeing everywhere, and I have been looking for a good nude shoe to pair as a neutral for my lighter colored outfits. This one hits the mark right on!


  1. That bag is so gorgeous :)

  2. I like the bustiers too Jennifer! :)
    They'll look good on you I bet! :)
    Happy holidays and happy weekend!
    Hope you can visit me again dear!

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  3. I want this studded purse too, it's lovely!:O

  4. great list! I really want some bustier tops myself!
    Rebecca @

  5. What a great post. I’m emailing this to my friends.


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