Monday, January 07, 2013

About a month ago, as you may remember, the Asociete team came down to the Bay Area and I got to do a photoshoot with them for their next Feature Influencer lookbook! Their last Feature Influencer was actually my friend, Kendall, from Galore, Beneath the Stars, and their next one is going to be Ashlei, from Faltering Bird; the funny thing is that they didn't know we were all friends until afterwards! If you haven't heard of Asociete before, they are a brand targeted the towards the young adult and they sell clothing for both guys and girls. Some of my favorite brands that they carry in the women's section include See You Monday and BB Dakota.

They know that college students especially, don't always have a lot of money on them at one given time so they developed something called the Flex Pay option where you can checkout now and pay only half, and then pay the other half 30 days later. Unlike layaway, you get your order right away so this is rather handy if you are also working a job aside from school and are waiting for your paycheck to arrive! ;) Their clothes are already pretty affordable so regardless of Flex Pay, you can definitely find something you like that fits in your budget.

Below is a photo of me with the entire team! We met up at a local diner downtown to have breakfast together, and then began our shoot which lasted for about 8 hours. We shot a total of 8 looks in 3 different locations so there was a lot of running back and forth to change outfits and do touchups on hair and makeup but I really enjoyed working with all of them and am very happy for the experience!

From left to right is Levi, our photographer; Lany, the head of women's operations; David, our videographer; and Liz, the women's fashion director. They are all very down to earth and I felt really comfortable around them even though I had just met them! Be sure to check out my lookbook and see my personal picks! You can also use the coupon code: artinblood for 15% off your purchase at Asociete.

PS: I will be doing a post specifically dedicated to the video we shot in the next few weeks but if you search around on the site, you may stumble upon it. I would just like to say for the record that my voice is not that high pitched (at least I don't think so haha!) but I guess you can just imagine me with a lower voice! I am thinking of shooting a small video diary of my day at National Portfolio Day next Saturday though (hey, we have to do something while waiting in lines for hours to be reviewed!) so hopefully I can get the camera to record my voice more accurately ;)


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  2. Love these shots! You look gorgeous :)
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  3. Congratulation! The pictures looks great!


  4. Wow, beautiful! Congrats! :)


  5. great shoot, and congrats! :)

  6. you look gorgeous, and flex pay is such a great idea!

  7. You look beautiful in the photos! That must have been exciting! You've become so successful and you deserve it. Congrats! =)


  8. Ahh, looks like so much fun!! (: What a great opportunity! ^__^ The photos look incredible!

  9. The photos look amazing! I especially love your dress in the second photo! :D

  10. nice blog ! :)

  11. You look amazing! Nice blog! :)

  12. you look gorgeous Jennifer! The photos look wonderful!

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  13. These pics are awesome Jennifer! :)


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