Thursday, February 28, 2013

Chunky Batwing Cardigan c/o Romwe, Moon & Star Pendant from eBay, Shredded Spiderweb Dress c/o Urban 1972, Nude Ankle-Strap Pumps from Nine West

This shredded dress from Urban 1972 is one of the most unique garments in my wardrobe now! It truly is the perfect representation of a piece that is both edgy and romantic. It reminds me a lot of a fallen fairy or a really chic dress from ending up stranded on an island! For a dress that looks like a designer piece, I definitely would not guess that this dress was only $40, but it is! ;) If you've been looking for a fancier dress (possibly for homecoming or a short one for prom), then I would buy this one for sure. Girls at my school often spend hundreds of dollars on their dresses and quite frankly, a lot of them all look very similar and don't have that wow factor. With this dress, I guarantee you'll turn heads!

It is see through though, but you can fix that by wearing a nude tank top and skirt underneath. Although, you might want to opt for a darker skirt, such as one in light brown like I wore here, so you don't look too naked! I kept the rest of my outfit in neutral tones with my favorite chunky cardigan and nude pumps. Hope you guys like this look, as it's my favorite one for the month of February!


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tan Shredded Beanie from 2020AVE, Tan Sabine Wrap c/o Tart Collections, Ship Necklace c/o Awwdore, Red Printed Dress c/o The Editor's Market, Thigh High Socks from Forever 21, Black Booties from White Mountain

Today's look is inspired by treasure maps! This printed dress is from The Editor's Market and although the print is really just a bunch of intricate details in circles, I thought it looked a lot like a map (especially with this cute ship necklace from Awwdore, that looks like it's sailing on it!). To add some neutral tones to the outfit, I wore my tan beanie and tan wrap cardigan, and completed the look with black socks and shoes. I also decided to curl my hair since curled hair always looks great with a beanie, and I also felt like/really hoped it might have been the day for some particularly good news... because...

...... I GOT INTO PARSONS YESTERDAY!!!!!!!!!! As you probably know, Parsons has been my dream school for years now and to get in has made my entire year. I can't even tell you how unforgettable the feeling of pure and incredible happiness I experienced was, when I opened my mailbox (after staring out the window for what felt like decades, waiting for the mailman to arrive) and saw the giant envelope from Parsons! (Giant envelopes always mean good news). I am so thankful to all the teachers who have helped me make my portfolio what it is, and all my family and friends who have always supported me in whatever way they could. I don't know what my financial aid package is yet, but I think I will find out soon! I did mention my blog and the work I've done from it in my application, so I have reason to believe that it helped me in getting accepted! So a very heartfelt and grateful thank you to everyone who reads my blog and has offered me words of support. You guys are the best.


Sunday, February 24, 2013

DIY Flower Crown, Chain Crosses Necklace c/o Merrin & Gussy, Black Coat from H&M, Black & White Striped Dress c/o Motel Rocks, Thigh High Socks from Forever 21, Black Booties from White Mountain

This look ended up having a mod, nautical vibe to it even though I didn't have that in mind as I was putting together this outfit! Even though there's no navy blue or red in this outfit, as we commonly associate with the nautical trend, the stripes and the buttons on the coat have a very sailor girl-esque feel to them! Black and white always feels very fresh to me, and I love the way the color combination compliments the white in the flower crown. To match with the gold buttons, I accessorized with my cross necklace, and wore my long socks to stay warm. These socks seriously go with everything; now I can't stop wearing them!

This was actually the outfit, sans the necklace which I didn't own at the time, that I wore to National Portfolio Day a month ago. This dress was perfect because I wanted to wear something that would keep me warm but would still be bold enough to make a statement. You wouldn't be able to tell from only looking at the pictures, but the fabric on this dress is actually quite thick, which makes it a perfect dress for the colder seasons!


Friday, February 22, 2013

Black Beanie from H&M, Optical Illusion Top c/o Motel Rocks, Acid Wash Denim Shorts from Forever 21, Black Plaid Shirt from Pacsun, Thigh High Socks from Forever 21, Black Booties from White Mountain

Gotta love this crazy top from Motel Rocks––it's eye-catching and I love the cropped turtleneck cut! I styled this funky top with my acid wash denim from Forever 21, and a pair of comfy, thigh-high socks given to me by my friend (Thanks Audrey, you know me well!). The outfit wouldn't be complete without an accessory for my head so I wore my black beanie, and decided to mix some prints by tying my black and white, plaid shirt around my waist.

These past few days, I was able to make some good progress on my pieces for the school fashion show! I sewed in the best invisible zipper I've ever done in my entire life, and I guess that was the main highlight of my week... sadly... Anyways, be sure to enter the Untitled Label giveaway here if you haven't done so already!


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Chain & Crosses Necklace c/o Merrin & Gussy, White Lace Bustier from Nasty Gal, Cutout Cross Bangle c/o Merrin & Gussy, Crystal Quartz Ring c/o LUMO Jewelry, Gold Skater Skirt c/o Awwdore, Green Vintage Blouse c/o Untitled Label, Nude Ankle Strap Pumps from Nine West

Today's look is inspired by the "nation," Sufokia (which is similar to Atlantis), in the online game, Wakfu! It might sound nerdy but if something's fun then there's no point in lying and saying it's not! Besides that, the graphics in Wakfu are beautifully done and the costume design is perfect for drawing outfit inspiration from.

I wanted to go for a regal yet aquatic/mermaid inspired look. This sea-foam green, vintage blouse from Untitled Label couldn't have fit the bill better! :) I tied it around my waist and wore it over my gold skater skirt to create a layered and asymmetrical hemmed look, and accessorized with gold jewelry to compliment the skirt. On top, I wore my white bustier from Nasty Gal, which is proving to be one of my favorite staples in my wardrobe, and for my shoes, I wore my new, nude pumps from Nine West which you might have noticed already from my last look!

A nude-colored, low-heeled shoe with a minimalist design is something I have been looking for forever! With all that criteria needing to be fulfilled, it took a lot of searching but I finally found this pair from Nine West, and not only does the nude tone match my skin perfectly, the heel is only 2.5 inches which is high enough for my liking while still remaining comfortable on my feet the entire day at school. These pumps match with everything and they really help to elongate your legs. If you want a comfortable, nude sandal, then definitely think about adding these to your closet! :)

And I have a new giveaway with Untitled Label today, who has also offered to giveaway 2 tops from their vintage shirt collection which have been handpicked by me––the Florence Top and the Alicia Top! To enter, follow the instructions below and make sure to like AND share the Untitled Label FB page or your entries will not count. This giveaway is open internationally and ends in 10 days on March 2nd! Good luck to everyone! <3

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Sunday, February 17, 2013

Wide Brim Hat c/o Oasap, Vintage Satin Blazer c/o Honeymoonmuse, Chain Crosses Necklace c/o Merrin & Gussy, Cross Print Top c/o Siren London, Double Buckle Belt from Forever 21, Cloud Print Tunic (Worn as skirt) c/o SheInside, Nude Ankle-Strap Pumps from Nine West

Today I'm sporting this lovely, satin blazer from the vintage Etsy store, honeymoonmuse, run by Marriki, who you might recognize from Lookbook, with her really cool, rainbow pastel hair! My favorite part about the blazer is the asymmetrical ruffled hem on both sides. I paired it with my cross print top and cloud print tunic, which I've worn as a skirt here by cinching it in at the waist with a belt, and finished the look off with my wide brim hat and new nude pumps!

I'm currently enjoying the start of my week-long break from school! I'm not really sure why my school randomly has a week off in February but I do not mind ;) I'm using this week to work on my pieces for the school fashion show so it should be rather relaxing!


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Cat Ear Beanie from H&M, "Polite" Tee c/o Brashy Couture, White Tulle Skirt c/o Chicwish, Pointed Ankle-Strap Flats c/o Goodnight Macaroon

This was a really fun outfit to wear to school today because of this playful, poofy skirt from Chicwish! The skirt might seem a bit formal for school but styling it with a fitted graphic tee helped add a casual and laid-back element to the ensemble. I wanted to keep the top and skirt combination monochromatic, which is why I paired it with this white, "Polite" tee from Brashy Couture! I liked this shirt because of the typography that has somewhat of a high-end touch. Probably because I've seen that Celine tee so many times now! :P

To accessorize, I chose to wear my fuzzy, cat ear beanie, which my Mom gave to me on my birthday, and these pointy black flats. I love the dainty, ankle straps on these shoes as they really help to elongate your legs. I've been on the hunt for any shoes that are comfortable to walk in but also have cute ankle-straps, and I recently came across the perfect nude pumps with double ankle-straps which I can't wait to show you guys in my next outfit post! They are the best shoes I've ever purchased! <3

If you want to win some Romwe leggings, you can check out Romwe's daily legging giveaway with 10 winners each day at their Street Belle Fashion FB page! :)


Monday, February 11, 2013

Chain & Crosses Necklace c/o Merrin & Gussy, Watercolor Sleeveless Blouse c/o The Editor's Market, Beige Fitted Jacket c/o ShopAkira, Shredded Pastel Bag c/o The Editor's Market, Bleached High-Waisted Shorts c/o Paradox, Colin Stuart Wedges

Dreamy pastels are something I've been wanting to incorporate into my closet more and they suit the laid back and relaxed spirit of California rather well in my opinion! I wanted to put together a look that was inspired by the springs and summers in California because quite frankly, I have had enough of the winter cold! I got this watercolor print blouse from The Editor's Market, and when I noticed that they also had this pastel bag, they were literally calling out to be worn together, don't you think? I've never seen anything like this purse which is why I immediately fell in love with it :)

For the classic California touch, I wore my shredded denim shorts because they always make me think of the beach. And to round out the overall color palette, I added this neutral colored jacket from ShopAkira. I admit that I mainly wanted this jacket because I loved the fitted cut paired with the pointed shoulders in Pepper's white suit jacket in the Iron Man 3 trailer. Fit honestly makes all the difference in the world––it's a bit tougher for me to find jackets that fit tightly in the sleeves because my arms are kind of noodle-like (not sure how else to describe them haha) and most sleeves that are intended to be fitted, still look baggy on me. So when I come across a jacket that fits me like this, it's definitely an awesome find!

I hope everyone is having a pleasant start to their week too :) Thanks as always for taking the time to read my posts and to leave your kind comments! I'm also in an extra-good mood today because I found out that I was accepted to the Otis College of Art and Design! Woohoo!!


Friday, February 08, 2013

DIY Flower Crown, Vintage Chain Headband, Red Chiffon Cardigan c/o ShopSosie, Floral Dress from Asociete, Colin Stuart Wedges

Today I'm sharing what was my second favorite look that I styled from the aSociete shoot! Drawing from the rich color palette of this floral print dress from aSociete, I paired the dress with this burgundy, chiffon cardigan for a luxurious feel. I couldn't decide between wearing my chain headband or my flower crown so I tried wearing both at the same time and it turned out to be a nice combination!

Also, if you haven't seen my video for aSociete yet, you can check it out below. It features a video interview of me with behind the scenes clips as the looks were being photographed. I've cringed at the sound of my voice on video so much that I can no longer watch this video without putting it on mute xD I feel like my voice appears really nasally in the video but only people who know me in real life could tell the difference I suppose! Regardless, the video itself was filmed and edited really well so thank you again to the videographer, David!

There are still about 2 days left to enter the aSociete giveaway which includes 3 pieces from my aSociete lookbook picks so you can enter it here if you haven't already! <3